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Shadow Health. Skin, Hair, and Nails. Transcript 2021. Tina Jones. Results | Completed.

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Hello! Hi. I'm Preceptor Diana. I will explain the details of this assignment and your objectives, just as a preceptor would in real life. Pay close attention to this information as it will help gui... de your exam. At the end of this prebrief, you will answer a short question about the upcoming assignment. During the simulation, you may return to these instructions at any time by scrolling to the top of your transcript. What is the situation? It's 4 p.m. on Tina Jones' second day as a patient here at Shadow General Hospital. In anticipation of Ms. Jones being discharged from the hospital, your role in this simulation is that of a healthcare provider who will assess her skin, hair, and nails for any additional wounds or signs of impaired healing. What are my objectives in this assessment? In your interview with Ms. Jones, you will gather subjective data by asking about her skin, hair, and nails. These features, which help make up the integumentary system, are often an indicator of overall health. If you discover any disease states, ask about symptoms and the patient's experiences of them. Your questioning should cover a broad array of the symptoms' characteristics. You will also inquire into the health history of Ms. Jones' family with regards to skin, hair, and nails so you can determine her genetic predisposition to any diseases. Regardless of whether you have assessed Tina previously, ask all questions that are medically relevant to her hair, skin, and nails. In addition to collecting subjective data, you will also examine Ms. Jones' skin, hair, and nails to gather objective data. While you should communicate with patients using accessible, everyday language, it is standard practice to use professional medical terminology everywhere else, such as in documenting physical findings and nursing notes. You may complete the exam activities in any order and move between them as needed. [Show More]

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