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ATI PN Fundamentals Proctored Exam_Download To Score An A

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ATI Fundamentals Proctored Exam 1. Management of Care: Delegation and Supervision: Tasks to Delegate to Assistive Personnel 2. Management of Care: Legal Responsibilities: Application of Restraints 3. ... Safety and Infection Control: Client Safety: Fall Risk Precautions 4. Safety and Infection Control: Home Safety: evaluating Client Understanding 5. Home safety: teaching an older adult client about home safety: 6. Psychosocial Integrity: Preschoolers (3-6 years) analyzing response to stressors 7. Psychosocial Integrity: Grief, loss, palliative care: identifying anticipatory grief 8. Basic Care and Comfort: fluid imbalances hyperosmolar imbalance 9. Basic care and comfort: nasogastric intubation and enteral feedings: unexpected findings 10. Basic care and comfort: personal hygiene: grief loss, and palliative care: providing postmortem care 11. Reduction of Risk potential: intravenous therapy: recognizing phlebitis 12. Physiological adaptation: airway management: teaching incentive spirometry use 13. Physiological adaptation: pressure ulcers, wounds, and wound management: dressing for pressure ulcers [Show More]

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