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ATI Leadership Proctored Exam 2024

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ATI Leadership Proctored Exam (Detail Solutions and Resource for the test) 1. A nurse manager is preparing to institute a new system for scheduling staff. Severalnurses have verbalized their concern o... ver the possible changes that will occur. Which of the following is an appropriate method to facilitate the adoption of the new schedulingsystem? A. Identify nurses who accept the change to help influence other staffnurses B. Provide a brief overview of the new scheduling system immediately beforeit implementation C. Introduce the new scheduling system by describing how it will save the institutionmoney D. Offer to reassign staff who do not support the change to anotherunit 2. A client who is febrile is admitted to the hospital for treatment of pneumonia. In accordance with the care pathway, antibiotic therapy is prescribed. Which of the following situations requires the nurse to complete a variance report with regard to the carepathway? A. Antibiotic therapy was initiated 2 hr after implementation of the carepathway B. A blood culture was obtained after antibiotic therapy has beeninitiated C. The route of antibiotic therapy on the care pathway was changed from IV toPO D. An allergy to penicillin required an alternative antibiotic to beprescribed. 3. A nurse should recognize that an incident report is requiredwhen A. A client refuses to attend physicaltherapy B. A visitor pinches his finger in the client‟s bedframe C. A client throws a box of tissues at anurse D. A nurse gives a med 30 min late 5. Client satisfactory surveys from a med-surg unit indicate the pain is not being adequately relieved during the first 12 hr post-opt. The unit manager decides to identify post-opt pain as a quality indicator. Which of the following data sources will be helpful in determine the reason why clients are not receiving adequate pain management aftersurgery? A. Prospective chartaudit B. Retrospective chartaudit C. Postoperative carepolicy D. Pain assessmentpolicy 6. A nurse precepting a newly licenced nurse who is caring for a client who is confused and has an IV infusion. The newly licensed nurse has placed the client in wrist restraints to prevent dislodging the IV catheter. Which of the following questions should the precepting nurseask? A. “Did you secure the restraints to the side rails of thebed?” B. “Are you able to insert two fingers between the restraint and the client‟sskin?” C. “Did you tie the restraints using doubleknot?” D. “Are you removing the client‟s restraints every 4hr?” 7. A nurse is caring for an older adult client who has stage III pressure ulcer. The nurse request a consultation with the wound care specialist. Which of the following actions by the nurse is appropriate when working with aconsultant? A. Arrange the consultation for time when the nurse is caring for the client is able to be present forconsultation B. Provide the consultant with subjective opinions and beliefs about the client‟s woundcare C. Request the consultation after several wound care treatmenttried D. Arrange for the wound care nurse specialist to see the client daily to provide the recommendedtreatment 8. A client is admitted wit TB and placed in a negative pressure room. Which of thefollowing actions isappropriate? A. Notify the local health department of theadmission B. Place a sign on the client‟s door with thediagnosis C. Ensure that admitting staff undergo PPD skintests D. Determine who had contact with the client in the last 48hr 9. A nurse is caring for a client who is unconscious and whose partner is health care proxy. The partner has spoken with the provider and wishes to discontinue the client‟s feeding tube. The providerstatesthenurse,“Iwillnotdiscontinuetheclient‟streatment.Hispartnerhasnorightto make decisions regarding the client‟s care. “Which of the following responses by the nurse is appropriate? A. Youshouldconsiderspeakingwiththefacility‟sethicscommitteebeforemakingyour decision B. You have the right to make decision, even if the partner is the client‟s health careproxy C. The client has designated his partner as health care proxy in his advancedirectives D. We‟ll need to have the nursing supervisor review the client‟s advancedirectives 10. A nurse is caring for a client who has increased intracranial pressure and is receivingIV corticosteroids. Which of the following info is most important for the nurse to report at shift change? A. Gasglow Coma scalescore B. Most recent blood glucose reading C. Lab test scheduled for nextshift D. Reddened area on thecoccyx 11. A nurse is assigned the following four clients for the current shift. Which of the following clients should the nurse assessfirst? A. A client who has a hip fracture and is in Buck‟straction B. A client who has aspiration pneumonia and a respiratory rate of28/min C. A client who has diabetes mellitus stage 2 pressure ulcer on hisfoot D. A client who has a C diff infection and needs a stool specimencollected 12. A nurse is caring for a client who fell and is reporting pain in the left hip with external rotation of the left leg. The nurse has been unable to reach the provider despite several attempts over the past 30 min. Which of the following actions should the nursetake? A. Notify the nursing supervisor about theissues B. Contact the client‟s physicaltherapist C. Apply a warm compress to thehip D. Reposition the client forcomfort 13. The mother of a client with breast cancer states, it‟s been hard for her, especially afterlosing her hair. And it has been difficult to pay for all the treatments. Which of the following actions is appropriate clientadvocacy? A. The nurse investigates potential resources to help the client purchasewig B. The nurse explains to the mother that most clients with cancer lose theirhair C. The nurse informs the next shift nurse regarding the mother‟sconcerns. D. The nurse suggests counseling for the client‟s body imageissues 14. Which of the following items must be discarded in a biohazard wastereceptacle? A. A urinary catheter drainage bag from a client who ispost-opt B. A bed sheet from a client with bacterialpneumonia C. A perineal pad from a client who is 24-hr post-vaginaldelivery D. An empty IV bag removed from a client who hasHIV 15. A nurse tells the unit manager, “I am tired of all the changes on the unit. If things don‟tget better, I‟m going to quit. “Which of the following responsesappropriate? A. “So you are upset about all the changes on theUnit” B. “I think you have a right to be upset, I am tired of the changestoo” C. “Just stick with it a little longer. Things will get bettersoon D. “ You should file complaints with hospitaladministrator [Show More]

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