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NR 599 Week 4 Midterm Exam Complete Questions & Answers GRADED A

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Question: The nurse understands that nursing informatics is recognized as a specialty area of practice by which statement? Question: Which statement by the nurse verifies that the nurse is “informa... tion literate”? Question: What is information? Question: The nurse gathers much data when caring for clients. Which is an example of the higher-level “information” useful in caring for clients? Question: Which statement best distinguishes the difference between information literacy and computer literacy? Question: Which statement indicates the appropriate level of informatics competencies to the correct nurse? Question: What is Quality Information? Question: What is data? Question: What is data integrity? Question: What is necessary to determine if a website has quality information? Question: Offline: Question: Online: Question: Computer literate: Question: EX: Question: Information literate: Question: Heal literate: Question: Nursing Informatics: Question: Knowledge: Question: Why do we need to study nurse informatics? Question: What is a common reality that occurs with nursing and technology? Question: Definition of Nursing Informatics by ANA: Question: What are the functions of computers in Nursing Practice? Question: What is Telehealth? Question: Examples of Telehealth devices: Question: What is biometric technology? Question: How do human resources use computers? Question: How do medical records management use computers? Question: What is the definition of information technology? Question: What is the definition of computer literacy? Question: How do you identify problems? Question: What is the 3 things needed when looking for information online? Question: Edu: Question: org: Question: com: Question: net: Question: gov: Question: mil: Question: A disadvantage to the utilization of the electronic medical record (EMR) includes which of the following? Question: Which action indicates the nurse is functioning as a knowledge worker? Question: A nurse manager wishes to hire a new nurse who has just graduated from nursing school. At the beginning level of informatics competencies, the nurse should be able to do which of the following? Question: In which way does medical informatics overlap with nursing informatics? Question: Health care consumers have all the information and tools to make health care choices because they can easily compare quality and cost of care. Which of the following is correct? . Question: The role of the informatics nurse does not include assessing the usability of devices for health care consumers. This statement is false because of which of the following reasons? Question: The development of policy regarding usability is an important part of the informatics nurse’s role. Over the next few years, nursing informatics and other health informatics disciplines will crisscross, resulting in more interdisciplinary projects. This statement is true because of which of the following reasons? Question: The best estimate of the number of informatics nurses needed over the next few years is which of the following? Question: There are no available nursing informatics programs including doctoral degrees; therefore, nurses prepare for advanced practice through medical informatics curriculum. This answer is false because of which of the following reasons? Question: The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) incorporated the foundation provided by the American Nurses Association (ANA) in its definition of nursing informatics and scope and standards of practice. Applicants for the Informatics Nurse credentialing examination are required to meet which of the following minimum criteria? Question: Which is an example of supporting research? Question: Which role is only appropriate for the informatics nurse specialist (INS)? Question: Which of the following examples demonstrate how nursing informatics helps to support nursing practice? Question: Information is defined as which of the following? Question: Nurses need to become skilled at using patient-centered IT tools to access information that can expand their knowledge in a just-in-time, evidence-based approach. Which one of these answers best indicates the nurse is functioning as a knowledge worker? Question: The TIGER initiative is an acronym for which of the following? Question: The Quality and Safety Education for Nursing (QSEN) project sets an agenda to improve the quality and safety of the health care delivery system. To achieve the goals set by QSEN, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) suggested the following competencies for nurses except for which of the following? Question: Technology has been useful in reducing errors by assisting the health care team to identify the patient before rendering care. The most common way for nurses to identify patients using technology is through which of the following? Question: Access to patient care data and utilization of nursing research are essential components of evidence-based practice designed to increase patient safety and provide quality care. Which of the following can technology cannot be employed to remove barriers to information and evidence-based practice? Question: The reason that nursing lags behind in the education of nursing informatics specialists is because of which of the following? Question: Which of the following groups have been selected to help drive the changes necessary to transform the health care delivery system, improve quality of services delivery, and improve safety? Question: The Informatics Nurse Specialist is an integral member of the health care team with the expertise to: Question: Which of the following answers is the best definition of data? Question: What is the key impediment of telehealth? Question: What are the benefits of nursing terminologies? Question: What are NANDA, NIC, NOC, CCC, PNDS, NMDS? Examples of nursing terminologies Question: Research that generates knowledge for nursing practice is called? Question: What are the three sciences that nursing informatics utilized in the definition? Question: Nursing informatics focuses in what four concepts? Question: What are raw facts that lack meaning? Question: What are the modules of CDSS? Question: What filed attempts to capture the complex process of the human thought and intelligence? Question: What is the longitudinal electronic record of patient health information produced by encounters in one or more care settings? Question: Decrease ER visits, decrease length of stay, decrease admission, decrease travel costs, increase in productivity of clinicians Question: What is the definition of nursing terminologies? Question: The number one focus of EHR as stated by the IOM? Question: What are the components of the metaparadigm of nursing? Question: Who are the consumers of telehealth technology? Question: A DSS or CDSS should support, not replace what of a clinician or manager? Question: What are 3 peripheral devices used in telehealth? Question: What is a system … to support health care providers in making decision about the delivery and management of patient care? Question: What module is used to enter meds and other orders into the computer? Question: What allows the clinician to be in contact with a patient without a face to face encounter? Question: People who share a specialized knowledge? Question: What is the ability to apply appropriate use of knowledge to manage and solve human problems? Question: What is a RN with an advanced education possess additional knowledge skills to computer and information technology? Question: What is the goal of nursing informatics? Question: Data that is interpreted, organized or structured? Question: Information that is synthesized so that relationships are identified and formalized? Question: The appropriate use of knowledge to manage and solve human problems? Question: Process of actively and skillfully using knowledge to apply analyze, synthesize and/or evaluate data and information? Question: Informatics Question: Nursing Informatics Question: Healthcare Informatics Question: Benefits of Nursing Informatics: Question: Informatics Pyramid (Bottom to Top): Question: Structured Data: Question: Unstructured Data: Question: Easy to use; Question: Evidence-Based Practice: Question: Clinical Decision-Making: Question: Knowledge Transformation: Question: Star Model of Knowledge Transformation: Question: Translation to Guidelines: Question: Meaningful Use: Established to Question: HITECH Act: Question: EHR: Question: EMR: Question: PHR: [Show More]

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