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Ethics for Health Professions HCA-200 Final Exam Questions with Answers 100% Correct

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Ethics for Health Professions (HCA- 200) Final Examination Part 1: Multiple Choice (1 points each) ● Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ● Clearly ... circle the letter or whole choice of the answer you choose. If you wish to change your answer, please CLEARLY write the letter of your choice next to the question. 1) Which of the following is/are not enacted by the government? A) Laws B) Statutes C) Legislation D) Medical practice acts E) Etiquette rules Answer: E 2) A medical-surgical nurse is going off shift and giving her report to the nurse coming on duty. She is clearly and accurately describing the conditions of the patients she cared for during her shift. Which skill is an example of this? A) People skills. B) Critical thinking skills. C) Technical skills. D) Moral values skills. E) Problem solving skills. Answer: A 3) Which of the following is an example of a healthcare practitioner displaying compassion for a patient? A) A physician making rounds in a hospital asks a patient how he is doing. B) A nurse feels sorry for a patient who was just diagnosed with cancer. C) A medical assistant inquires about a patient's children. D) An LPN helps an elderly person walk through the hallways. E) A physician sits down with a patient and addresses all the concerns of the patient. Answer: E 4) A student medical assistant doing his or her internship in a physician's office refuses to wipe up a spilled drink in the exam room hallway because he or she believes housekeeping is not part of his or her job description. The student is demonstrating the absence of which quality deemed necessary for successful health care practitioners? A) Compassion B) Technical skill C) Common sense D) Courtesy E) Etiquette Answer: C 5) Which of the following is considered a technical skill? A) Tact B) Problem-solving C) Common sense D) Gathering information E) Computer literacy Answer: E 6) The health care professional who studies law and ethics gains perspective on current issues that affect health care practice. Which of the following accurately describes one of those issues? A) A decrease in health care costs makes health care more affordable. B) The media has ensured that everyone has the same access to medical care. C) With the advancement of medical technology, patients expect favorable outcomes. D) Healthcare professionals should not be involved in the legal issues of patients. E) The role of the private sector in health care. Answer: C 7) A new employee in a large medical practice is looking for the professional etiquette staff members are expected to follow. Which would be the best source for learning these rules? A) The employee's professional code of ethics. B) The state's medical practice acts. C) The bulletin board in the employee lounge. D) The office policy manual. E) A search on the Internet for office etiquette. Answer: D 8) Which of the following is known as a B-need in Maslow's hierarchy of human needs? A) A patient with cancer needs chemotherapy. B) A medical assistant needs to be respected by his/her fellow medical assistants. C) A child in the waiting room needs a safe play area. D) A family needs food from the food bank. E) A health care provider needs assistance with their own addiction problem. Answer: B 9) Psychologists question how individuals develop values that guide them in ethical decision making. Which of the following reflects current thought on value development? A) Individuals move from a personal value system to a needs-based motivation. B) Value development is the same for all people regardless of culture. C) Value development is not influenced by economic status. D) When people are born, they have no values in place. E) Once developed, values cannot change. Answer: D 10) A child tells a nurse that he stole money from his mother's purse because he needed to buy some candy. He also states that he knows what he did was wrong and will not do it again. Based on this conversation, what stage of moral development would this child be experiencing? A) Sensorimotor stage B) Preoperational stage C) Concrete operational stage D) Formal operational stage E) Post-operational stage Answer: D 11) Which of the following theorists believed that human behavior is based on specific human needs that must often be met in a specific order? A) Abraham Maslow B) Jean Piaget C) Lawrence Kohlberg D) Immanuel Kant E) Alasdair MacIntyre Answer: A 12) A hospital administrator makes a decision to shut down a wing due to budget cuts even though some people will lose their jobs. The decision is based on results that will produce the greatest balance of good over evil, everyone considered. What type of framework is the administrator employing to make this value decision? A) Duty-oriented theory B) Deontological theory C) Rule-utilitarianism D) Act-utilitarianism E) Virtue ethics Answer: D 13) A physician running a busy practice makes decisions for his employees on a regular basis. The physician would describe himself as a "moral man with common sense, a sense of justice, and courage who makes the right decisions in life by focusing on these moral traits." What theory of decision making is being employed by this physician? A) Deontological B) Utilitarian C) Virtue ethics D) Consequence-oriented theory E) Duty-oriented theory Answer: C 14) A patient who was injured in a fall in a health care facility due to the negligence of the nurse is filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. Which ethical principle applies in this situation? A) Autonomy B) Role fidelity C) Veracity D) Justice E) Beneficence Answer: D 15) A healthcare provider is explaining to staff members about the accreditation process. Which of the following may be accredited? A) A pharmacist B) A hospital C) A pharmaceutical company D) A pharmacy E) A medical supply company Answer: B 16) Which of the following is not true about certification? A) If you lose your certification, you cannot work in your profession B) If you lose your certification, you can continue to work in your profession C) Certification is voluntary D) Certification requires an exam E) Certification is the same as registration Answer: A 17) A physician is undergoing professional peer review related to an incident of fraud in his practice. Which federal law requires that professional peer review action be taken in this case and also limits the damages for the professional review? A) Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act B) Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act C) Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank Act D) Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act E) Health Care Quality Improvement Act Answer: E 18) As a provision of the Accountable Care Act, healthcare insurers were encouraged to unite with health care providers to form what type of an organization? A) Health maintenance organization. B) Preferred provider organization. C) Open access plan. D) Accountable care organization. E) Indemnity plan. Answer: D 19) What federal legislation provided employees the ability to keep health insurance coverage when transferring to another job? A) Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act B) Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act C) Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank Act D) Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act E) Health Care Quality Improvement Act Answer: A 20) A patient is established with a physician in a primary care group practice that provides a long-term partnership between the patient and providers in the group practice and also provides enhanced access for patients. This is known as a(n): A) Health maintenance plan. B) Primary care medical home. C) Patient-centered medical home. D) Independent practice home. E) Open access plan. Answer: C [Show More]

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