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Strayer University_Latest-REL 212 Week 11 Final Exam 2{Graded A}

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The biggest annual Shinto festival celebrates the __________. In Islam, charity or almsgiving is known as __________. The Pentateuch refers to the __________. The word kamikaze means __________. I... n Northern Ireland, interfaith efforts have attempted to directly address conflict between __________. Jesus died by __________. The god of rice is known as __________. The covenant is a __________. Which is the Jewish holy day of atonement and cleansing? The name for God in Islam is __________. The new “Arab Spring” resulted in __________. The goal of religious pluralism is __________. Which apocalyptic religious movement was founded by Charles Taze Russell? Missionaries who spread the Christian faith in the first century were called __________. The scattering of Jews outside of the land of Israel is known as the __________. Who founded Sikhism? Which was not among the three central teachings of Guru Nanak? Which word most closely translates the Japanese word kami? Which of the following is not one of the synoptic gospels? The Rastafari religious group originated in __________. Many religious require repentance from sinfulness, but Shinto requires __________. The label “new religious movement” is __________. Reverend Sun Myung Moon founded the __________. A good example of an eccliesiastical court would be __________. Jesus taught spiritual lessons by telling stories called __________. Female initiates into the Khalsa take the surname Male initiates into the Khalsa take the surname The sacred book of Islam is called the __________. Islam traces its ancestry to the patriarch __________. The ethical principle of the Golden Rule is found in [Show More]

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