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CHEMISTRY 1105 Lab 8 Report. With QnA.

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1. The oxidation number represents the charge an atom would have if electrons were completely transferred. 2. Oxidation is the _____ of electrons by a substance undergoing a chemical reaction. Red... uction is the _____of electrons by a substance undergoing a chemical reaction. 3. MgCl2 is composed of _____ magnesium ion(s) and _____ chloride ion(s). 1; 2 4. Chromium is more active than gold. OXIDATION NUMBER - OXIDATION - REDUCING AGENT REDUCTION - OXIDATION-REDUCTION - OXIDIZING AGENT - TRUE FALSE -An activity series is a list of metals from most easily oxidized to least easily oxidized -In a single displacement reaction, an element reacts with a compound and part of the compound is released to become a free element -Atoms move from lower energy to higher energy locations during a chemical reaction 1. The oxidation number is often referred to as the _____. 2. A redox reaction occurs when electrons are transferred from one element to another. 3. Oxidation and reduction may occur alone in a chemical reaction. 4. When a substance is in its elemental form (existing alone without bonds to other elements), the oxidation number is _____. 5. The sum of the oxidation numbers within a formula is equal to the overall charge of the formula. 6. A spectator ion is _____ during a chemical reaction. 7. During an oxidation-reduction experiment, why is it important to observe the reaction after 30 minutes? 8. In the redox reaction of silver nitrate (AgNO3) and solid copper (Cu), the silver acts as a(n) _____ 9. If during an experiment zinc was found to be more reactive than lead or copper, zinc would be considered the strongest _____. 1. Redox reactions occur in many everyday experiences. Three examples of common redox reactions that everyone is familiar with are outlined below. Write the chemical equation for each of these reactions and identify the oxidizing agent and the reducing agent. Note: If needed, consult a web source to determine the reaction. a. When silver jewelry or silverware tarnishes, it is reacting with S in the air to undergo a redox reaction. b. When someone leaves a screwdriver sitting outside and it rusts, the iron in the screwdriver underwent a redox reaction. c. The process of photosynthesis, which causes green plants to react with sunlight to form oxygen, is an example of a redox reaction. Check Answer Expected Answer a. 2Ag(s) + S(g) → Ag2S(s) Ag = reducing agent, S = oxidizing agent Note: The formation of rust actually can be more complicated and involve reaction with OH- ions and form several different iron oxides. c. 6CO2 + 6H2O (+ light energy) → C6H12O6 + 6O2 [Show More]

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