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NR 510 Week 7 Assignment: Recorded LACE Presentation (Summer 2019)

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NR-510 Week 7 Assignment: Recorded LACE Presentation Requirements: For Week 7, there is no case study given to you by the faculty. Instead you will be creating a recorded presentation that demonstrat... es your understanding of LACE principles and their influence on APN practice. This presentation will … uploaded into the course via Kaltura (please see course resources for directions). Address the following Topics/Questions: 1. How do licensure, accreditation, certification, and education (LACE) considerations differ for APN clinical roles for these three states: California, Washington, and Illinois? Provide evidence for your response. 2. Discuss what evidence-based strategies should … implemented to achieve continuity between state regulatory boards?Provide evidence for your response. 3. Is independent NP practice … in your state? Discuss your opinion regarding independent NP practice. Provide evidence for your response. Presentation Guidelines: • The presentation should include a PowerPoint presentation which will … recorded via Kaltura. • Students should create the PowerPoint presentation offline and then open it for use during the Kaltura recording. • Students must practice / recording the presentation more than once to allow for practice and mastery of the content and presentation style. The final presentation of the Kaltura recording should … submitted only. Do not use Power Point to record the presentation. • Students should review their presentation for clarity in audio and sound as well as clarity in the information presented. Students should … professionally dressed in business casual attire for the presentation with/without lab coat. Scrubs, sweats, denim, yoga pants, and athletic wear are not … business casual. Student’s face must be visible via the webcam during presentation. • The presentation should … approximately 15-20 minutes in recorded length. It will vary from student to student but should adequately address the material. • The presentation should contain appropriate scholarly evidence to support the information presented per APA format. Use in-text references and have a reference list at the end of the presentation. • PowerPoint slides should … used as cues to topics and key concepts without lengthy sentences and paragraphs- reading information from slides is not professional and therefore not acceptable. • A professional presentation includes an introduction both of yourself and of the topic, the touch points of information you’re going to discuss as well as a conclusion. • Students may use any type and size font that works for their presentation. Slides should include bullet points you intend to cover, 4-5 bullet points per slide. The bullet points should … expanded upon with oral information. Direct quotes and paragraphs are … Speaker notes may … included in the presentation or used by the presenter as a side-reference. • The student’s oral presentation should demonstrate clear understanding of all concepts along with specific examples to represent concepts. Technology Requirements: The presentation must be recorded using Kaltura. Do not use Power Point to record the presentation. Presentation should … saved in MP4 format. [Show More]

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