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CIS 552-latest-week-8-assignment-3-ransomware-and-virus-protection-attempt-score-100-points.

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The single most effective deterrent to ransomware is to regularly back up and then verify your system. More recent ransomware attacks have not only encrypted data files but also Windows system res... tore points and shadow copies, which could be used to partially restore data after a ransomware attack. Backups should be stored on a separate system that cannot be accessed from a network and updated regularly to ensure that a system can be effectively restored after an attack. Other effective mitigation strategies include the following steps: • Educate employees. Like other malware, ransomware often infects a system through email attachments, downloads, and web browsing. Organizations should conduct regular training to help employees avoid common malware pitfalls. • Conduct regular data backups. This bears repeating. Conduct regular backups of your system and store the backups offline and preferably offsite so that they cannot be accessed through your network (For ransomware, offline is more important. For other events, offsite is more important). • On a separate-but-related front, it is also important to regularly verify the data backup process to ensure backups are capturing all necessary data and that the restore process works in your environment. At a home/personal level, backup important files as they are modified and be sure that backup media (thumb drives, external hard drives) are not left connected to any networked device. Periodically check that the files can be accessed from the backup device. You don't want to discover that it is defective at the point you need to [Show More]

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