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Preliminary Analysis The rising cost of healthcare in the U.S has made way for a new form of providers. Acute care or Emergency Care centers have made a big impact in the healthcare market due t... o inefficiencies at large hospitals. The excessive waiting time at large hospitals are being supplemented by Acute Care and emergency centers. A statistical analysis of a random sampling of 200 hospitals across the U.S. will be conducted to attempt to ascertain answers to following questions: 1. To “prove” that the average hospital in the United States averages more than 700 births per year. Use the hospital database as your sample and test this hypothesis. Let alpha be 0.01. 2. On average, do hospitals in the United States employ fewer than 900 personnel? Use the hospital database as your sample and an alpha of 0.10 to test this figure as the alternative hypothesis. Assuming that the number of births and number of employees in the hospitals are normally distributed in the population. The random sampling provided contains observations of six variables from 200 U.S. hospitals. These variables include geographic region, control, service, census, number of births, and personnel. The geographic region contain seven variables; South, Northeast, Midwest Southwest, Rocky Mountain, California Northwest, to identify the location of the U.S. where the data was obtained. The control variable identifies what type of organization the hospital is controlled and maintained by such as government, non-federal, nongovernment not for profit, for profit, and federal government. The service variable indicates the type of hospital sampled, which are general medical and psychiatric. The last three variables are single variables that [Show More]

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