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MILT 525 EXAM 2, Latest 2020 complete Questions & Answers.

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MILT 525 EXAM 2 • Question 1 Which of the following is NOT an upstream suggestion for Know Your Friends? • Question 2 Which of the following is included in Weather the Storm? • Question 3 What d... oes military leadership consider “signature injuries of our latest conflicts”? • Question 4 For Christians, what IV does the author consider critical? • Question 5 Which piece of armor does the author focus on in Know Your Equipment? • Question 6 There is a clear demarcation between the storm and the recovery which is why an individual should press into God. • Question 7 Which of the following factors are NOT included in comprehensive fitness? • Question 8 Which acronym in emergency assistance classes is used to remind one what to do first? • Question 9 What is an important anchor for our souls and helps an individual maintain hope? • Question 10 Which is the most dangerous phase and the most challenging of the resilience journey? • Question 11 Which of the following are benefits of physical fitness? • Question 12 Between which two phases should an individual not relax? • Question 13 When an individual deploys with the right mindset they are? • Question 14 How many resilience builders are there? • Question 15 With Guard Your Primary Relationships, the author states that individuals should press hard into whom? • Question 16 In Know Your Calling, calling is defined as a deep sense of conviction to pursue noble goals and is very important. • Question 17 Preparing for healthy psychological responses to adverse circumstances is considered which part of mental fitness? • Question 18 In Call 911, other than calling for emergency personal, what else might an individual do • Question 19 Which Psalm illustrates that without God David has nothing? • Question 20 The author defines courage as the ability to work through the fear to accomplish a small task. • Question 21 In terms of Know Your Enemy, wounds from friends do NOT come in what form? • Question 22 Which warriors can an individual NOT obtain faith from? • Question 23 Spiritual Disciplines to keep spiritually fit include devotional times, prayer, and trancendental meditation. • Question 24 The simple equation that God provided is Faith –Fear = Courage. • Question 25 The following are all categories of Bouncing back except which one? • Question 26 What was the fundamental discussed in Resilient Warriors • Question 27 A personal relationship with God can prepare an individual to get through a traumatic event. • Question 28 Which Resilience Life Cycle is Keep Breathing a part of? • Question 29 What is the key reason trauma sufferers get stuck in their recovery? • Question 30 Comprehensive Personal Fitness does not include balancing relational aspects of an individual’s life. • Question 31 According to the text, the entire grief process will take how long to resolve? • Question 32 The Values Map does not depict an individual’s most basic core values that they seek to live out. • Question 33 New normal is a term used in the military to include new conditions such as warriors transitioning out of the military. • Question 34 What does the author mean by sing a new song? • Question 35 In which of these areas does the author want individuals to learn and adapt? • Question 36 According to the author, grief is a reality that can be avoided since it is different for everyone. • Question 37 Which answerbelow will new beginnings of “sing a new song” NOT be? • Question 38 How can we use our suffering with others? • Question 39 Which Resilience Life Cycle is Know Your Friends a part of? • Question 40 Which Resilience Life Cycle is Grieve Well a part of? • Question 41 The principle of stewardship is to release our grip on what is in our hands and allow God to use it to benefit others. • Question 42 Another reason why individuals get stuck in the grieving and healing process is? • Question 43 What was Jesus’ most traumatic moment? • Question 44 Which person in the Bible does the author apply the Bible Resilience chapter to? • Question 45 What is the term that the gentleman in Dallas introduced to the author in Chapter 8? • Question 46 Practicing your declinations means to learn to accept graciously. • Question 47 Faith does not matter. • Question 48 What is critical in getting "unstuck" from the effects of trauma and moving on? • Question 49 Who is the Ultimate Resilient Warrior? • Question 50 The spiritual aspect of Comprehensive Personal Fitness does not involve which of the following? [Show More]

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