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English Composition: Unit 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, For Challenge 1, 2, 3 and Milestone 1, 2, 3,4 and 5. All Questions Answered.

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English Composition: Unit 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, For Challenge 1, 2, 3 and Milestone 1, 2, 3,4 and 5 Challenge 1 1. According to the instruction, an overall goal of an English Composition course is to . ... 2. Max is a food critic who has just dined at Sam's Steak House. Once home, he consults his notes and writes an intial version of his review. In the morning, he will re-assess key ideas and make changes to strengthen the piece of writing. Max is at which stage of the writing process? 3. While waiting to get a flu shot at the pharmacy, Nancy reads a brochure that explains what the flu vaccine is made of, how it works, and its possible side effects. Given its purpose, choose the mode in which the brochure is written. 4. Select the true statement about purpose in writing. 5. Simon is writing a letter to his sister to tell her about his semester studying abroad in London. He wants her to be able to picture the different landmarks he has visited. Considering his audience and purpose, Simon should use which types of language in his letter? 6. I still remember the sweetness of the sun setting behind the mountains as the frogs began their evening songs. What is the tone of this sentence? 7. More women and more scientists are running for public office in the United States than ever before. These trends are seen as a backlash against elected officials who are failing to represent, or even listen to, their constituents. Political incumbents are reacting by holding more town hall meetings and hiring outreach workers. What is the most likely audience for and purpose for this statement? landscape Challenge 2 1. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery on our long Sunday drive. In this sentence, the word "beautiful" is what part of speech? 2. Nathan, a registered nurse, is working on an admissions essay for a BSN program. Select the sentence from his draft that has a verb tense error. . 3. Both Linda and Dale are considering the purchase of a horse farm. Identify the subject and verb of the sentence above. 4. Although we often disagree, I trust my sister to tell me the truth about a situation. Identify the independent clause in the sentence. 5. Both children jumped up at once to help: Charlie swept the floor his sister washed the dishes. Choose the correct subordinating conjunction to join the two clauses. 6. Elliot is writing a statement to show his support for a presidential candidate: (1) Marsha Walker has always been a leader. (2) Because I have worked closely with her on the judiciary committee for several years now. (3) Her attention to detail and her commitment to serving her constituents are evident. (4) Because of these reasons, I fully support her candidacy for president and urge you to do the same. Choose the sentence fragment. 7. Skyler re-read her email before sending it: It was so great to hear from you, Carol. Yes, of course, I’d love to meet for coffee next time I’m in the city. How many years has it been now? Since before our daughters were born. We both know how quickly they’ve grown! Let’s set April 18 as a tentative date, shall we? Choose the sentence that corrects a sentence fragment. 8. Identify the run-on sentence. 9. Choose the revision that corrects the run-on sentence: Challenge 3 1. Longer paragraphs or stand-alone paragraphs should end with a concluding sentence, which . 2. Katherine is writing a paragraph about an experience she had as a child that taught her an important lesson. She records the events from her childhood as she remembers them, making sure she includes character descriptions and dialogue. Which type of paragraph is Katherine writing? 3. Choose the topic sentence that effectively introduces a paragraph urging drivers not to use cell phones while driving. 4. Debbie is writing a TEE paragraph about the use of high caffeine energy drinks by teenagers. She begins with a topic sentence: Highly caffeinated energy drinks are becoming more and more popular with young people. Which of the following would be the most effective supporting sentence? 5. While most species of penguins are thriving, some of them are endangered, the African penguin and the Galápagos penguin. Choose the transitional word or phrase that best fills in the blank in the sentence. 6. Which of the following is a characteristic of an effective narrative? Challenge 4 1. A narrative is a(n) and can be either fictional or personal. 2. Read the excerpt from Mark Twain's autobiography. "That was a rickety screen, with many holes in it, but as I did not know there were girls behind it, I was not disturbed by that detail. If I had known, I could not have undressed in the flood of cruel moonlight that was pouring in at the curtainless windows; I should have died of shame. Untroubled by apprehensions, I stripped to the skin and began my practice. I was full of ambition; I was determined to make a hit; I was burning to establish a reputation as a bear and get further engagements; so I threw myself into my work with an abandon that promised great things." Select the narrative technique that Twain uses in this excerpt. 3. Select the option that correctly punctuates the dialogue. Choose the true statement about details in a narrative. 4. Concrete and sensory details are elements of narrative language. Choose the sentence that most clearly "shows" the reader the scene the writer is describing. 5. Mandy is writing a personal narrative. In order to write an effective narrative, she must consider all of the following except . 6. Twain reveals that there are two girls hiding behind a screen in the room he has chosen to practice for the play. He writes, "That was a rickety screen with many holes in it, but as I did not know there were girls behind it, I was not disturbed by that detail. I could not have undressed in the flood of cruel moonlight that was pouring in at the curtainless windows; I should have died of shame. Untroubled by apprehensions, I stripped to the skin and began my practice." Twain describes the moonlight as "cruel." This is an example of . Milestone 1 1. Which of the following can be used to establish a writer's tone? 2. Select the most appropriate transitional word or words to complete this sentence:Everyone disliked the long drive to the cabin, we made the trip there at least four times every summer. 3. Zitkala Sa writes, "The first day in the land of apples was a bitter cold one; for the snow still covered the ground, and the trees were bare. A large bell rang for breakfast, its loud metallic voice crashing through the belfry overhead and through our sensitive ears. The annoying clatter of shoes on bare floors gave us no peace. The constant clash of harsh noises, with an undercurrent of many voices murmuring an unknown tongue, made a bedlam within which I was securely tied." The author is setting the scene for the reader by using sensory details that focus on . 4. Filled the gutters and overflowed into the flower bed below. Select the revision of this sentence fragment that makes it a complete and correct sentence. Heavy rain filled the gutters and overflowed into the flower bed below. 5. Choose the true statement about writing an effective personal narrative. 6. Which sentence does NOT contain a verb tense error? 7. In narrative writing, the writer's is the way the writer expresses his/her personal style of writing. 8. Bernice gasped when she opened the dry cleaning bag and realized that her favorite sweater was completely ruined. Not only had cleaning the sweater taken a full week, she 'd also been charged an exorbitant price — and ruined. Bernice sat down to write a letter of complaint. What is the purpose of Bernice's letter? 9. Which best describes the meaning of a narrative arc? the sequence of events in a narrative 10. . My mother used to call me into the kitchen every Sunday afternoon and we would bake some sort of masterpiece together. I remember the excitement of pulling the fresh dessert out of the oven and admiring our work. The best part was taking that first bite; it was pure, sugary heaven. Baking now brings back fond memories, and satisfies my sweet tooth. Choose the best topic sentence for the paragraph. 11. Since it was a beautiful day, Nolan and Amy went to the beach. The word beautiful is used as a(n) in this sentence. 12. Select a good supporting sentence for the following topic sentence: Despite the cold, winter is my favorite season. 13. Which of the following statements uses a metaphor? 14. A common question in the field of education today is whether or not online education is as effective as traditional forms of education. Research shows that online education provides more flexibility for students and is as challenging and engaging as traditional forms of education. In addition, studies have proven there is no significant difference between the test scores and GPAs of students who take online courses and those who take traditional courses. The best learning method varies from student to student; thus, online education can be just as effective as traditional education. Identify the mode in which the paragraph is written. 15. Alyssa is writing a letter to the dean of her university. She includes details and uses language that she knows will appeal to him. By writing with the dean in mind, Alyssa is considering her . audience 16. Zach stops at the grocery store before he goes home because he is making dinner for his wife who is working late. Which group of words in this sentence is an independent clause? Zach stops at the grocery store 17. Beau reviews his essay to identify possible problems with clarity or redundancy in his writing. In which stage of the writing process is Beau working? Editing 18. Select the sentence that logically uses a coordinating conjunction to connect the ideas. The dress did not fit, so she returned it to the store. 19. Which sentence(s) in a paragraph introduce(s) the main idea of the paragraph? topic sentence 20. According to the instruction, all of the following are goals of an English Composition course EXCEPT . Learning about the elements of speech-writing 21. I told her that I would meet her at the restaurant in town it is near my workplace. Which option does NOT correct this run-on sentence? I told her that I would meet her at the restaurant in town, it is near my workplace. 22. Miguel, a blogger and adventurer, recently hiked to the summit of a mountain. He wants to describe the scenery he saw as he made his way to the top. Which organizational structure would best fit Miguel's paragraph? spatial paragraph 23. Select the option that correctly punctuates the dialogue. "I am running away from home," she said, "because Mom won't let me have chocolate for dinner." 24. All of the following are necessary elements of an effective narrative EXCEPT . multiple complex plot lines 25. Melody quickly ran for cover, ducking into a rain-spattered bus shelter filled with wet people. Which option correctly identifies the subject and the verb of the sentence? The subject is "Melody" and the verb is "ran." 26. Chelsea thought about that summer. Although he had broken her heart, she had grown from a naïve girl into a wise young woman. The narrative technique demonstrated by this sentence is best described as . reflection 27. According to an environmental agency, there are many ways you can reduce your carbon footprint. One is to reduce the amount of meat you consume, or eliminate it from your diet altogether. It is not only easy to stop eating meat; doing so can have a big impact on the environment. If everyone reduced the amount of meat he or she ate, global climate change would slow significantly. Other ways in which you can be more environmentally-friendly include buying locally-grown produce, recycling, composting food waste, and taking public transit or biking rather than driving. Analyze the content of the paragraph and determine its likely audience and purpose. Audience: Educated readers who are concerned with global climate change Purpose: To describe ways to reduce one's overall carbon footprint Unit 2: Challenge 1 1. A writer who uses incorrect grammar in a professional setting appears than the writer who uses correct grammar. less intelligent 2. After she got ready for bed, Olivia lifted the heavy book down from the shelf. Choose the best placement for the modifier "carefully" in the sentence. After she got ready for bed, Olivia carefully lifted the heavy book down from the shelf. 3. Choose the option that correctly uses their/there/they're and affect/effect. There are 20 girls on my soccer team. They're all very talented. Playing soccer on a team has had a positive effect on my life. 4. An apology from us members of the mayor’s staff for the late notice, but this month’s city council meeting has been rescheduled. Mayor Filson, whomever serves on the governor’s task force, has been summoned to take part in a legislative session at the state capital. She and her team will be out of town for the week. Please let me know if you have questions or concerns. Choose the option that corrects all the pronoun errors in this email. An apology from we members of the mayor’s staff for the late notice, but this month’s city council meeting has been rescheduled. Mayor Filson, who serves on the governor’s task force, has been summoned to take part in a legislative session at the state capital. She and her team will be out of town for the week. 5. The audience voiced approval by rising in one motion to applaud and cheer. Choose the pronoun that agrees with its antecedent to fill the blank in this sentence. its 6. Choose the sentence that maintains verb tense consistency. Every year we visit a new national monument when we take a summer vacation. 7. Choose the sentence that has an error in subject-verb agreement. Neither the teacher nor her student know how to answer that question. 8. Choose the change that corrects the error in subject-verb agreement in this sentence. “Lying on the table is the car keys and the map for our destination,” Marilyn reminded her husband. Change “is” to “are” Challenge 2 1. Which of the following statements describes the proofreading stage of the writing process? In this stage, you will look for and correct errors in spelling and grammar. 2. is a brainstorming technique that uses boxes, circles, or arrows to show how ideas connect. Clustering 3. Choose the FALSE statement about prewriting Prewriting eliminates the need to revise a piece of writing later on. 4. Choose the false statement about using an outline while drafting. An outline can help a writer draft without being sure of her main points. 5. Which of the following scenarios describes a writer in the proofreading stage? Maria reads through her essay to check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. 6. Camila is revising her essay. What is one question she should ask herself when considering the essay’s focus? Is the thesis still relevant and do all the body paragraphs support it? 7. One of the most famous stories on campus is that of the haunted Simonson Building. The building was constructed over 200 years ago. Students claim that they have heard footsteps following behind them when nobody else is around. Thus, as a result, many students refuse to wander campus alone after dark. Although students making this claim are few, it’s my personal opinion that the building is haunted by spirits. When I lived on campus, I avoided walking past it. Which of the underlined portions is an example of wordiness? my personal opinion Challenge 3 1. Which of the following is a required component of an academic essay? An introductory paragraph that contains a thesis statement 2. When responding to a writing prompt, writers should do all of the following EXCEPT . choose an aspect of the prompt that most appeals to them 3. As a member of the city council, Sarah was tasked with creating a letter to residents informing them of the decision to implement a disaster preparation plan for their small town and the benefits of having a disaster preparation plan in place. Read Sarah's draft below: The police department, fire department, utility and other city workers, as well as the mayor’s office will share communications and operate from a central location. This will minimize confusion and allow officials to manage both preparedness and recovery operations most efficiently. Communications among the various departments and business factions will be direct and ongoing. Choose the best topic sentence for the paragraph. The proposed plan will coordinate resources within the city in case of a natural disaster or emergency. 4. John has drafted the introduction to his essay and checks that he has included the required components of an effective introduction. John makes sure he has . clearly announced his topic and articulated his thesis statement 5. Allison is using the expansion approach as she drafts the conclusion to her essay because she wants to . convey the broader implications of her ideas 6. Select the TRUE statement about comparison/contrast essays: The purpose of a comparison/contrast essay is to convey meaningful similarities or differences between two subjects. 7. Which of the following thesis statements would be most effective for a comparison/contrast essay written in the informative mode? Oranges and clementines/tangerines are both orange citrus fruits and have more things in common than they have differences. 8. Refer to the model essay titled "Contrasting the Northern and Southern Colonies." Select the statement that describes the type of conclusion used in the model essay. The essay uses a summary conclusion to recap the main points of the essay as well as explain the significance of the topic. Challenge 4 1. When considering the “big picture” of an essay, writers should remember that all aspects of an essay must support the . thesis 2. Choose the true statement about writer's block. An outline created in the prewriting stage can alleviate the problem of not knowing what to write next while drafting. 3. When writers are drafting and examining the rhetorical situation, they should be self-reflective and consider the influence of their personal . biases and assumptions 4. Russell is writing an 8-10 page informative essay on the causes of the American Civil War. Choose the topic that would be too narrow given the specifics of the assignment. The influence of the Supreme Court case of Dred Scott on Abraham Lincoln 5. Choose the true statement about thesis statements. A thesis statement should introduce a topic that engages the reader so that he or she wants to keep reading 6. When asking “why” about a thesis statement, writers should consider the “occasion for writing.” This includes thinking about . their purpose and intended audience 7. In addition to asking questions, a writer can think about to help narrow a working thesis statement. her purpose for writing 8. Choose the working thesis statement that is too broad for a 3-5 page essay on the effects of fast food on Americans. Fast food has a long history in the United States. Milestone 2 1. Carrie is revising her essay. She makes sure that her writing and purpose for writing are clear and easy for the reader to understand. Carrie is revising for . clarity 2. A writer is describing a conversation she had with her friend, Mao, who plans to look for a new job after she returns from a vacation in Mexico. Choose the option that correctly places the modifier "after her vacation to Mexico." Mao told me that she intends to find a new job after her vacation to Mexico. 3. Choose the activity that does NOT consider the "big picture" in essay writing. Delete irrelevant details in each paragraph. 4. Choose the sentence that reflects a writer's awareness of audience in the rhetorical situation. Hannah uses academic language and high-level vocabulary in her speech to the scientists. 5. Choose the pronoun that agrees with its antecedent to complete the following sentence. All of the dogs should get dinner served around 5:00 PM, followed by a walk. their 6. Choose the change that corrects the subject-verb agreement error in this sentence: The children all plays kickball at recess and the teachers watch. change "plays" to "play" 7. Choose the passage that correctly uses than and then. Ricardo always joked that he was much smarter than Makayla, even though Makayla did much better in school than Ricardo. Then Makayla would laugh at the absurdity. 8. Choose the version of the sentence that has correct and consistent verb tense. Myra was thinking the trial would last at least a week, so she was surprised when the state rested on the second day. 9. Brainstorming new ideas is a technique that can help a writer to . combat writer's block 10. Curt must submit a written report to his boss by the end of the day. He put off writing it for too long and now has very little time to finish it. The pressure is getting to him; looking at the clock only increases his anxiety. Curt sighs and reviews what he has written. What is one strategy Curt can use to begin writing again? Revise what he has written to generate new ideas 11. Asking questions about a working thesis can help a writer narrow his or her focus. All of the following are effective questions to ask, except . Where did my sources come from? 12. Anita is editing her draft essay about a lion sanctuary she visited. She frowns at the following sentences: "There were about 20 lions in the sanctuary. A lot of workers would take care of them. Sometimes, a few lions would try to escape." Anita needs to edit her sentences for . vague language 13. Read the excerpt from the model comparison/contrast essay below: The puritans who lived in the northern colonies aimed to live an idealized Christian life where they were free to practice their religion. Additionally, education was more organized in the North. The south, on the other hand, revolved around plantations and the culture was primarily organized around wealthy landowners and the elite class of white males. Schools tended to develop more slowly in the south as well. One similarity both shared was that women had little voice, rights, or social standing in society and slaves had even fewer rights and no social standing. Which word or phrase from this passage highlights a contrast that the author is making? on the other hand 14. The word pumpkin comes from the Greek word "pepon", which means large melon. Choose the term that describes the preceding sentence, which might be found in an introductory paragraph. hook 15. Select the activity that is NOT required for an academic essay. Marta incorporates evidence from outside sources in her essay. 16. Choose the statement about a five-paragraph essay that is FALSE. It provides a lot of room for flexibility and creativity. 17. Andrea writes the following topic sentence: Harry Houdini was the most famous magician and escape artist of his time. Which of the following sentences is NOT relevant to Andrea's topic sentence? Houdini was also interested in film and aviation, and found success in those fields as well. 18. Select the option about thesis statements that is TRUE. A thesis statement can anchor the essay and keep the writing process on track. 19. Choose the false statement about using an outline while drafting. An outline and draft should remain focused on the writer's introductory paragraph. 20. Choose the true statement about writing a comparison/contrast essay There are two primary methods in which to organize a comparison/contrast essay. 21. Jack is preparing to proofread his essay on the events that led to the Civil War. Choose one task that Jack may perform while proofreading. Correct spelling errors 22. Asking "So what?" can help writers to focus their . thesis 23. Choose the sentence that does NOT contain any pronoun errors. I just learned that Manuel and Luis lost their jobs last week. 24. In Maya's conclusion to her essay about Venice, she recaps the major points and restates her thesis. Which approach has Maya used in her conclusion? summary 25. Which of the following is included in prewriting? The writer narrows in on a working thesis. 26. Choose the sentence that has NO errors in subject-verb agreement. Amber is one of those people who enjoys reading and writing. 27. For a two- or three-page informative essay, which of the topics is too broad? The worldwide problem of acid rain 28. Malia creates a list of ideas she wants to incorporate in her essay. She is in the stage of the writing process. prewriting 29. Select the TRUE statement about the outline below. Introduction + thesis statement Geographic range of black bears Diet of black bears Appearance of black bears Geographic range of brown bears Diet of brown bears Appearance of brown bears Conclusion The writer has organized the content using the block method. Unit 3 Challenge 1 1. Select the sentence that correctly uses commas. Every time it snows during the winter, our neighbor, an older woman, shovels our walk for us. 2. Which sentence is missing an apostrophe? Andreas first daughter was born in 2015. 3. Choose the sentence that uses quotation marks correctly to draw attention to a specific word. Simon didn’t know what the teacher meant when she told him his final exam score was “questionable.” 4. Choose the sentence that has no errors in capitalization. Since May 2011, Dr. Baca has taught computer skills to seniors in both English and Spanish. 5. A writer's style is influenced by the the writer chooses. Examples include romantic poetry, young adult fiction, business reports and academic theory. genre 6. To avoid redundancy in written work, writers should . use synonyms for specific words when appropriate 7. Select the sentence that is written in active voice. I always love the smell of fresh blooming flowers in the spring. 8. Choose the word that best describes the tone of the following sentences. I planted those yellow roses myself nearly 12 years ago, right before Liza was born. Nothing made me happier than looking out the kitchen window and seeing that blanket of yellow. nostalgic Challenge 2 1. Choose the FALSE statement about writing in the informative mode Writing in the informative mode requires research and making a claim. 2. If a writer wants to present information on the evolution of the meaning of "adolescence", he or she would most likely write a(n) essay. definition 3. Choose the action that would be considered unethical when writing in the informative mode. A biologist published a paper containing data that supported his research but omitted data that did not. 4. Analysis in informative writing refers to the intellectual process of . drawing conclusions about the meaning of something based on its component parts 5. Read the text below. What kind of informative writing is utilized and how do we know? Of course, there needs to be some reinterpreting of the Aristotelian appeals for the modern communicator. No longer do we as humans construct arguments and share them sporadically in public symposia. Our understanding of rhetoric asserts that most of what we do and say are argumentative in some form, and the ubiquity of technology today means that what we do and say are more public than ever before. Source: "Digital Ethics," Definition, because the writer is making the case for an updated understanding of Aristotle's "public symposia." Milestone 3 1. Choose the statement about writing in the informative mode that is FALSE. Including personal experiences or anecdotes will strengthen an informative essay. 2. Zora Neale Hurston s novel Their Eyes were Watching God is rich in imagery and a sense of place and time. Hurston perfectly captures the cadence of black Southern dialect and leads the reader to understand the raw power of language. Janie is a woman struggling to find her voice and by novel's end, she has succeeded--through pain and loss and suffering--in defining herself and knowing her place in the world. Select the word that best describes the tone of the paragraph. positive 3. When writing in the informative mode, all of the following actions are unethical EXCEPT . including direct quotations with citations to support one's ideas 4. Choose the sentence that has an error in the use of italics. My favorite museum to visit is the Science Museum, located near downtown. 5. Which action and topic is most appropriate for a definition essay? providing a meaning for the word "freedom" 6. Choose the sentence that does NOT demonstrate redundant language, repetitive synonyms, or inappropriate connotation. Danny buckled his seatbelt, turned on the radio, and started up the car. 7. Select the sentence that correctly uses commas. Ruby hadn't yet finished her homework, so she worked quickly to complete it before class and rushed into the classroom as the bell rang. 8. Choose the sentence that eliminates all passive voice constructions. When my children were young, we planned a trip to the apple orchard each autumn and purchased both apples and pumpkins for eating and baking. 9. There are many kinds of informative writing. When a writer explores the varied meanings of a word or phrase, he or she is likely writing a(n) essay. definition 10. Choose the statement that is NOT true about factors that influence a writer's style. Style conventions tend to be the same across all genres. 11. Select the sentence that correctly uses apostrophes. Marty examined Noah's rock collection. The rocks came in all shapes and sizes. One rock's shiny surface caught his eye as it shimmered in the sun. 12. Select the version of the sentence that is punctuated correctly. At the party last night I met Tom, a chef at La Foil; Jude, a curator at the Museum of Modern Art; and Lily, a dancer with the Russian Ballet. 13. In this excerpt from an article titled "Breaking Down an Image," the writer explains the value of understanding how images convey meaning and persuade. "The audience consists of who is being targeted by the author, designer, or creator. In the above image, it appears that the audience is men. How do we know this? Not only is the person running in the background a man, but the color of the watch and the size of the watch face indicate that the watch is likely a man’s watch. Of course, women could indirectly be an audience, too, since they might want to buy this watch for someone or wear it themselves." From which type of informative essay was this excerpt taken? How do you know? Analysis, because the writer breaks down the image and examines individual components of the rhetorical situation Unit 4 Challenge 1 1. All of the following are questions a writer might ask herself as she's revising a piece of writing except . Is my writing style smooth and understandable? 2. “I like to get a little distance between myself and what I’ve drafted before I begin to revise,” the writer said from the podium. “It’s one of my most reliable revision strategies.” A hand rose in the audience, “How do you get a ‘distance’ from your own writing?” “There are several ways,” the writer responded. All of the following revision strategies will help writers be more objective about their own writing except . Use a thesaurus to avoid word and phrase repetitions. 3. Brianna completes the draft of her essay and begins the revision process. First, she considers the “big picture” of her draft and the ways in which she can better organize her ideas. While revising for organization, Brianna might . delete a body paragraph 4. After Sandra has re-organized her essay, she continues with the revising process and considers her essay’s content. Choose one action Sandra does to revise for content. She checks that her thesis is supported by the body paragraphs. 5. When responding to feedback during the revision process, writers should . maintain an open mind about reader comments 6. Which of the following is an example of constructive feedback? "I think this paragraph could use a little more detail." Challenge 2 1. Select the statement that best describes the process of editing. Improving the word-level and sentence-level style and sound of a piece of writing 2. Bryan reads a sentence from his essay: “The athletes have so much stuff to do on the weekends of an important game that they often get little sleep.” Because he is editing for clarity in word choice, Brian . specifies what he means by “stuff” 3. Doreen is editing her essay on the sentence level. She reads the following paragraph: Blackwell was put on trial for murder. He was accused of murdering four people over a card game. The murderer pleaded innocent, but the murder charges remained in place and he was tried in April of 1846. After he was placed at the scene of the murders, he insisted that the witnesses were mistaken and that he was not the murderer. Doreen realizes she must edit for . 4. Grace has finished revising her essay and is now ready to edit. All of the following are effective sentence editing strategies except . Grace decides to change her thesis statement to better support her ideas. 5. Choose the true statement about the proofreading stage of the writing process. Proofreading involves the correction of grammar, formatting, or conventions errors. 6. Peter is proofreading his essay and makes a correction to this sentence: The victim’s Mother was present at the sentencing, and she told the judge that she had forgiven the man on trial and had left his fate to God. What correction does Peter make? He changes “Mother” to “mother” Milestone 4 1. Select the statement that best describes the process of editing. Editing focuses on more detailed aspects of writing than revision. 2. When revising for clarity and focus, writers should consider the rhetorical situation by asking "Have I " written in a way that will appeal to my intended readers? 3. Which of the answer choices is a good example of revising? Randy is re-ordering body paragraphs for greater emphasis. 4. Choose the statement that provides constructive feedback on a written work. I think if you switch these two paragraphs around, the essay will flow better. 5. Which of the following is an effective strategy for sentence editing? reading the sentences aloud to listen for flow and clarity 6. Eric is proofreading his essay about teaching his children how to fish. He makes a correction in the following passage: I plan to drink a cup of coffee and enjoy the serenity of the outdoors, but I am soon unsnarling fishing line instead, Emma gets hers caught in a tree and then in a different tree. Charlie begins to have some success with casting, but he gets his line tangled in the ground somehow and is sure he has caught a gopher. What correction did Eric make? He replaced the comma before "Emma" with a period. 7. Which of the following actions might a writer take when revising for organization? Change the order of paragraphs in the essay. 8. Choose the version of the passage that uses precise language, avoids euphemisms and vagueness, and uses the correct forms of commonly-confused words. My father was unemployed from 2011 to 2013. My uncle's advice was to live frugally and we did. We had home-cooked meals and home-movie nights rather than dining out and going to the theater. 9. Asking yourself questions about your draft is a good revision strategy. All of the following are effective questions to ask except . Does the essay include a variety of sentence types? 10. Select the statement about responding to feedback during the revision process that is FALSE. Experienced writers rarely need to consider feedback to their writing. 11. Dory is editing her essay on the sentence level. She reads the following paragraph: The architect's plans for the building were in place, and construction would break ground tomorrow. The building was to be the tallest building in the city's history. The plan was for an upscale hotel to rent the first ten floors of the building, and a law office to occupy the top three floors. Dory realizes she must edit for . word repetition 12. Choose the element of writing that is addressed by proofreading. punctuation Unit 5: Challenge 1 1. Which of the following is NOT a key element of argumentative writing? incorporation of the narrative mode 2. If MegaMart wants to open a store in our city, the beginning hourly wage for employees must be at least $12.50. The prices at MegaMart—for things like food, clothing, and furniture—have remained relatively stable over the last few years, but prices for things like health insurance, housing, and transportation have gone up. It’s hard to rationalize not paying your employees enough to afford such necessities. It’s a no-brainer that the condition for its building a new store in our city should be that MegaMart pay its workers a minimum of $12.50 an hour. The writer’s position is that Megamart must pay its employees an hourly wage of $12.50. How does the writer support this argument? She explains that employees need this hourly wage in order to meet rising costs for basic necessities. 3. Angela, an officer with the Wildlife and Parks Department, writes a proposal to urge the city council not to develop an area of nearby wetlands. Which approach from Angela's proposal demonstrates the use of pathos? She discusses how the children of the community will no longer have a natural area to explore. 4. Everett uses strategies as he searches for and reads sources for the argumentative research essay he’s writing. In order to create a successful argument, he knows he must also remain aware of the rhetorical situation, avoid bias, and consider to his position. engaged reading; counterarguments 5. Which of the following activities is NOT a technique for analyzing an argument? Agree or disagree with the author’s position. 6. All of the following statements about the Classical argument model are true EXCEPT . It allows for a thorough examination of a complex argument. 7. Angela works for the Wildlife and Parks Department and has been tasked with responding to the city’s proposal to build a hotel near a protected wetlands. The Department’s position is that the city should not build on the location for environmental reasons. Identify TWO argumentative thesis statements that could support Angela's argument. Wetlands are too important to the members of the community to destroy for hotel development. Factors such as insects, humidity, and unstable ground make the wetlands a poor location for a hotel. Challenge 2 1. Evidence, and logic that backs up claims, is called . support 2. Select the true statement about using evidence when writing an argument. an interview with an individual who has direct experience with a topic can be used as researched evidence 3. Select the option that is an example of a tertiary source. A set of government pamphlets that contain tables outlining the origins of the HIV virus and AIDS. 4. Choose the strategy that is NOT effective when searching for sources. Check only the first page of results on a search engine because that contains the most relevant sources. 5. “I have to include a counterargument in my research essay,” complained Lily to her older brother Luke. “And I don’t know how to.” “Well sis, let me give you a quick quiz about counterarguments. Tell me if the statement is true or false.” Choose the true statement about counterarguments in an argumentative research paper. “There may be more than one counterargument to a writer’s stated thesis.” 6. Select the activitiy that would be considered unethical when using sources. Megan slightly changes the meaning of a quote she found so that it works better within her essay. Challenge 3 1. The fox one day thought of a plan to amuse himself at the expense of the stork, at whose odd appearance he was always laughing. "You must come and dine with me today," he said to the stork, smiling to himself at the trick he was going to play. The stork gladly accepted the invitation and arrived in good time and with a very good appetite. Choose the best paraphrase of the section of text. The fox decided to play a trick on the stork because he thought he was funny-looking and enjoyed laughing at him. He invited him to dinner and the stork arrived on time and hungry. 2. Krista is giving her friend Matt feedback on his research essay. She wants him to add context to the evidence he uses. Which of the following is feedback she might give him? This is an effective quotation, but you should add a signal phrase so the audience knows why this piece of evidence is good evidence. It will validate the expertise of the speaker. 3. Examine the following entry in an annotated bibliography Leo has created for a research paper in his history class: https://liberty.sophia.org/download/ckeditor %2Fpictures/186132/data/content/screen_shot_2018-05-03_at_3_57_40_pm.png? Select the statement that identifies an error in Leo's annotated bibliography entry. It fails to include an indication of how the source will be used 4. When formatting and incorporating a direct quotation into a research essay, all of the following guidelines must be met except . The quoted material must be a complete sentence. 5. Miguel includes this quotation in his research essay: "This is the perfect nesting beach for a female leatherback turtle: vegetation backs the beach and it is sloped enough so the distance to dry sand is limited (which gives her babies an easier time at birth). The beach is close to deep water and a generally rough sea." Choose the correct formatting per APA style for the in-text citation following this quotation. (Javech, 2014, p. 16). 6. Rory is drafting an argumentative research essay and uses her annotated bibliography to help . remember the sources she has evaluated 7. Which of the following would be considered appropriate for an argumentative essay in favor of a vegetarian diet? negative effects of the meat industry on the environment 8. Refer to King's "Letter from Birmingham Jail." In his letter, King effectively incorporates rhetorical appeals. "I guess it is easy for those who have never felt the stinging darts of segregation to say "wait." But when you have seen vicious mobs lynch your mothers and fathers at will and drown your sisters and brothers at whim; when you have seen hate-filled policemen curse, kick, brutalize, and even kill your black brothers and sisters with impunity..." Choose the statement that accurately describes this quotation. It employs pathos to appeal to the emotions of his readers by vividly describing injustices Milestone 5 1. In an argumentative essay in favor of requiring new construction buildings to incorporate solar panels, all of the following are examples of good sources to use as researched evidence except . A statement from a friend who recently had a solar panel installed in his home to conserve fossil fuels 2. Dominique is writing an argumentative essay. She includes researched evidence to support her argument's main points. She rewrites a piece of evidence in her own words to clarify it for readers, but maintains the author’s meaning and cites the source. Dominique is . paraphrasing 3. Mack prepared the following annotated bibliography entry for his research essay on alternative medical practices: Dillard, Annie. (1974). Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. New York, NY: Harper and Row. This is a book about “seeing” — about opening oneself to the natural world, and about being curious and unflinching and faithful in recording it. Dillard writes like a poet but thinks like a scientist. “When I see this way I analyze and pry. I hurl over rocks and roll away stones; I study the bank a square foot at a time, probing and tilting my head” (p. 31). I will use Dillard’s observations as examples to support my working thesis that nature can be an effective treatment for some depressive illnesses. What is missing from, or incorrect about, Mack’s annotated bibliography entry? The entry should not include the author’s full name. 4. An Encyclopedia is considered a(n) source. tertiary 5. Select the true statement about using your prewriting during drafting. Prewriting activities can help you to organize your ideas and sources, which can help make the drafting process more efficient. 6. Victoria wants to persuade her readers to not only agree with her position that the minimum wage should be increased but to take some action, so she has chosen the Classical argument model for her essay. She has provided background information on the history of the minimum wage in the United States, the large numbers of adult workers who earn it, and evidence that shows it is not a livable wage for families. In her conclusion, Victoria will explain how her readers can get involved in the movement. What component of the Classical argument model has Victoria forgotten? Refuting the opposing viewpoints 7. Erin has written several possible theses for her research essay on using animals for research. Choose the most clear and focused thesis for an argumentative research essay. Given the threat of the diseases that animal research addresses, including cancer, HIV, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, and cystic fibrosis, it is clear that it must continue. 8. Marsha was determined she should have the lead role in the community play. She was perfect for the part; she was the right age, she had the right temperament, and the right look. She had dressed in character for her audition and knew her lines perfectly. She was this character, no doubt about it. Most importantly, the director owed her a shot at it because she had worked tirelessly behind the scenes for the last two theater productions. She had waited to be in the spotlight. He had promised. What is the central claim of Marsha’s argument? It’s her turn to play the lead. 9. Lydia stared at the essay her teacher had just handed out to the class. The instructions indicated that students were to analyze it. She didn’t know where to begin. To analyze an argumentative essay, Lydia should do all of the following except . use prior knowledge to evaluate the argument’s validity 10. Select the statement that is the best example of using pathos as a rhetorical appeal. “Low-income students are tragically denied the life they deserve because they cannot afford a college education.” 11. Marsha is writing a research essay on early childhood education. She has created a working thesis, and now she is thinking about how and where to find sources of information. She makes a list of effective search strategies. Choose the action that is NOT an effective way to locate source materials. Limit sources to academic journals and published books. 12. In order for a topic to be a good one for an argumentative essay it must be debatable. Which of the following topics is the best one from which to develop an argumentative thesis statement? Should the legal drinking age be raised? 13. Refer to the model essay "Politics and the English Language" to answer the following question. Which sentence from Orwell’s essay could best serve as the essay’s thesis statement? "Modern English, especially written English, is full of bad habits which spread by imitation and which can be avoided if one is willing to take the necessary trouble." 14. Select the action that would be considered an ethical use of a source. Paraphrasing instead of using a direct quotation 15. According to Adam Harrison (2014), a sociologist in the field of childhood socialization, "School uniforms prohibit students from expressing individuality and freedom of expression and may actually be causing more harm to the child's self-esteem and self-image than good" (p. 38). This means that by requiring school uniforms, schools may be negatively affecting a child's emotional and social development. The underlined sentence incorporates information using because it briefly explains the quoted material. translation 16. A successful argumentative research essay begins with a debatable topic and a clear and focused thesis statement supported by . A good argument then requires credible in which the counterargument is considered. Choose the correct words to fill in the blanks. reasoning, research 17. Glen is writing an argument in favor of drug testing potential employees as part of the hiring process. Which is the best-phrased response by Glen to a possible counterargument? Some say random drug testing is an intrusive and degrading process, but it’s no more intrusive than providing a urine sample at the doctor’s office. 18. What is the primary element of an essay that requires support? Thesis Statement 19. Select the quotation that is correctly formatted in APA style. “One of the most important things affirmative action can do is to define exactly what racial discrimination is and how it might manifest itself within a specific institution” (Steele, 2009, p. 123). 20. Stephen wants to add this direct quotation to his essay on standardized testing in the United States: “I always remind my students that life’s most important questions are never asked on standardized tests. No one asks questions regarding character, honesty, morality, or generosity of spirit” Choose the correct APA style parenthetical citation to be added at the end of the quotation. (Esquith, 2007, p. 83). 21. Which sentence describes a rhetorical situation? The purpose of my appearance today is to ask for your vote in the upcoming election. [Show More]

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