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Moles Gizmo Assessment Question and Answers

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Moles Gizmo Assessment Question Answers 1. The jars below, from left to right, each contain exactly one mole of carbon, sulfur, and aluminum, respectively. Which jar contains the most atoms? ... 2. If each jar below contains exactly one mole of each element, which jar contains the greatest mass? (The atomic mass of each element is given.) 3. Note the molecular mass of a copper(I) oxide molecule in the image below. What is the mass of 8.250 moles of Cu2O? 4. What is the mass of 8.12 × 1023 molecules of CO2 gas? (Atomic mass of carbon = 12.011 u; oxygen = 15.999 u.) 5. Sulfuric acid (H2SO4) has a molar mass of 98.1 g/mol. How many oxygen atoms are found in 75.0 g of H2SO4? This study source was downloaded by 100000815948112 from on 04-29-2021 13:12:28 GMT -05:00 [Show More]

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