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HESI RN Pediatrics V1, V2 and V3 Questions and Answers 2021 (A Grade), Latest Questions and Answers

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HESI RN Pediatrics V1, V2 and V3 Questions and Answers 2021 (A Grade), Latest Questions and Answers 1. The nurse is performing a routine examination of a 6-month-old infant at community health clin... ic. Records indicate that the child weighed 3 kg at birth. The clinic uses lbs to describe weight. When assessing this child, approximately what weight, in lbs, should the nurse considerto be within normal range for this child? • 15 to 18 lb • 12 to 15 lb • 9 to 11.5 lb • 6 to 7.5 lb 2. When development a teaching plan for an adolescent male who was recently diagnosed withType 1 diabetes mellitus, the nurse should instruct the to eat a source of sugar if which symptom occurs? • Excessive thirst • Racing pulse • Profuse perspiration • Seeing spots 3. A breast feeding mother returns to work when her infant is 5 months old. She is having difficultypumping enough milk to meet her infant's dietary requirements. Which suggestion should the nurse provide to this mother?• Mix infant formula with breast milk • Supplement with an iron-rich formula • Introduce baby food for one meal daily • Offer a follow-up transitional formula 4. The nurse is assessing an infant with aortic stenosis and identifies bilateral fine crackles in bothlung fields. Which additional finding should the nurse expect to obtain? • Vigorous feeding and satiation • Hemiplegia • Fever • Hypotension and tachycardia 5. The nurse should instruct the parent of an 8-year-old child who has sickle anemia to alert forwhich complaint from the child? • "I'm shorter than everyone else" • "I'm really hot and thirsty" • "I don't want to eat any vegetables" • "I have to urinate every few hours"6. During a routine clinic visit, the nurse determines that 5-year-old girl's systolic blood pressure isgreater than the 90th percentile. What action should the nurse implement next? • Take the blood pressure two more time during the visit and determine the average of thethree readings • Measure the child's blood pressure three times during the visit and determine the highest of the readings • Conduct a head-to-toe assessment and omit repeat blood pressure during the examination • Refer child to the healthcare provider and schedule evaluation of blood pressure in two weeks 80. An adolescent with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) is complaining of sore mouth two days afterbegging chemotherapy. What activity should the nurse implement? • Encourage large meals during steroid and chemotherapy • Provide lemon glycerin swabs and dilute peroxide oral rises • Recommended fluids using citrus and drinking with a straw • Frequent use of saline oral rinses and soft sponge toothbrush 81. The nurse is planning care for a 5 - month-old with gastroesophageal reflux disease whose weight has decreased by 3 ounces since the last clinic visit one month ago. To increase caloricintake and decrease vomiting, what instruction should the nurse provide this mother?•Offer 10% dextrose in water between most feeding •Dilute the child's formula with equal parts of water •Thicken formula with cereal for each feeding 82. characteristic of the disease is most important for the nurse to focus on during the initialteaching? •Muscular strength can be regained with physical exercise and therapy •Growth and development have been abnormal since birth •Respiratory dysfunction and aspiration are prime concerns at this stage of the disease •Lower legs become progressively weaker, causing a wedding, unsteady gait [Show More]

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