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Questions 1. How can I help you today? a. The dean of engineering is trying to fail me. I am NOT going to elaborate. Why do you want to know? What is your role? 2. What is your name? a. Justin Jo... hnson 3. Where are you? a. In the doctor's office? 4. What time is it? a. Around 5:40PM 5. What happened? a. I have to be careful. 6. Ask Mother: How can I help him today? a. Justin is having problems. He is concerned people are spying on him and stealing his intellectual property like his inventions. I don't know what inventions he is talking about. He refuses to share. The counselor told us he had been caught attempting to break into one of the campus buildings in the middle of the night. His roommate said he has stopped going to classes and was spending all of his time in the library researching something to do with academic plagiarism. I'm really worried. He is not the Justin I know. 7. Mother: has he been more irritable or angry lately? a. Angry and secretive, yes. He gets really angry if I ask him what he is mumbling about in his room. Sometimes we hear him talking aloud in his room like he is having a conversation with someone, sometimes he even yells and screams but when we try to go in his room he gets even more agitated. He gets agitated when i ask him about anything, really 8. Mother: when did his anger or irritability start? a. He was like this when we brought him home from college 2 months ago. His roommate said he was difficult to live with for 4 months prior to that. 9. Behaviors he repeats over and over? - Mother a. Checking the door locks and windows. Every night he makes about 11 trips around the house with these behaviors. We have observed him looking under his bed and inside his closet over and over again. He said he is searching for monitoring devices. He also covers all the electronic screens in the house and the televisions too. When the phone rings he wont answer it and he gets furious when we do. 10. Mother: Do his friends/family members find him to be more aggressive than usual? a. Yes, he scares people, he can be screaming and gesturing really wildly 11. Mother: Has he lost interest in or avoided social activities? a. It seems that way to me 12. Tell me about his family and friends. Has anything changed? a. What would you like to know/ 13. How are his grades in school? a. He stopped going to class, so of course his grades fell. 14. Has he experienced the death of a close friend or relative? a. No 15. Mother: has his level of activity recently changed? a. Yes, he’s staying in his room, sleeping during the day, and pacing around the house at night. I don't know if he is getting any sleep at night. I suppose you could ask him. Also he’d stopped using his bike and his computer 16. Mother: Does he have any difficulty performing activities of daily living? a. Difficulty doing them, idt so. Motivation to do them, yes. He just refuses to shower, do laundry, change clothes, etc. 17. Have you been more irritable or angry lately? a. I don't want to elaborate to you about any of this. 18. Have you been feeling sad, depressed, or hopeless? a. I don't want to talk about any of this. 19. Do you find that it is hard to experience feelings like happiness, love, or satisfaction? a. Why are you asking me that? 20. Are you having any difficulty sleeping? a. No 21. Have you lost interest in things that used to give you pleasure? a. I don't want to answer that 22. Do you hear or see things that others say they do not? a. I hear you. I hear my parents. There’s a male voice, I hear him, and he reminds me to be careful. I'm on top of that. Im careful. 23. Do you have recurrent intrusive thoughts that cause you to engage in repetitive behaviors? a. Well, I'm being monitored and my ideas are being stolen. I have to check and cover things like cell phones, to mak sure i'm not being watched. I'm just being practical, I'm taking action...why are you so curious about me? 24. Tell me about any negative thoughts you have about yourself, other people, the world. a. I will not elaborate...I have talked enough already. Don't you see the computer there? 25. DO you find that your friends/family members find you to be more aggressive than usual? a. Who told you that? 26. What threats have you received? a. I told you before. They are trying to get me expelled so the dean can retain total and exclusive right to all my intellectual property. I must be very careful, they could be monitoring me here. 27. Are you afraid something bad is going to happen to you? This study source was downloaded by 100000823250788 from CourseHero.com on 05-09-2021 15:01:15 GMT -05:00 https://www.coursehero.com/file/63098579/iHuman-Case-4-Scratch-Sheet-Justin-Johnson/ This study resource was shared via CourseHero.com a. Won't answer 28. Are you having trouble concentrating or making decisions well? How often? a. My concentration is good as long as i'm away from computers, cameras, cell phones or televisions. 29. Do you have a problem remembering things? a. No i remember everything clearly, i keep track of everything 30. Do you feel confused at times? a. No. Did they tell you that I was? Don’t believe anything they tell you. 31. Do you have trouble with reasoning, planning, or organizing? a. Me? No! I've been doing meticulous research on the theft for months. I've been very organized about this. Hint 1: 21/39 = 53%. 18 left ● 12 more in associated symptoms ● 1 more in HPI ● 1 more in PH ● 1 more in SH ● 2 more in etiology ● 1 more in ROS 32. Have you had any thoughts of hurting or killing yourself? a. No, I want to stay safe, i check the locks 33. Describe a typical night's sleep. a. I sleep when it is safe to do so. Im careful. I don't want to talk about this anymore 34. Tell me about whether you have done anything dangerous where you could have died. a. No, I'm trying to keep myself safe. I stay home, stay in my room, ans away from the windows. They are always trying to get information. 35. Do you feel hypervigilant? a. I am appropriately vigilant. I am being monitored and my ideas are being stolen. I was getting A’s in my classes until 6 months ago, the dean wants to kick me out of school so he can have full rights to my work 36. Do you often feel helpless? a. I am taking necessary action for the severity of the situation 37. Have you experienced loss of self esteem? a. No, who told you that? 38. Tell me about your family and friends? Has anything changed? a. Why do you need to k now that? 39. Do you take any Rx? a. I was taking methylphenidate, allegedly for my ADHD, but i realized i didn't need it so i stopped taking it probably 6 months ago. It was the doctors just trying to manipulate me with medication 40. Any OTC or herbal medications? a. No [Show More]

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