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HEALTH INF 445 Quiz 1, complete answers, 100% all correct.

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HEALTH INF 445 Quiz 1 Question 1 An EHR is defined by the fact that there is collection of data from multiple sources, that provides decision support, and: Affords a paperless environment ... Is used at the point of care Provides for continuity of care Shares data with patients Question 2 EMR is a term used by the federal government to describe: A. A basic EHR B. A document imaging system C. An interoperable record of health-related information D. A record of health-related information used within one organization Question 3 The standards that an EHR must meet in order for providers to earn federal meaningful use (MU) incentives are specified by: A. Affordable Care Act (ACA) B. American National Standards Institute (ANSI) C. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) D. Office of the National Coordinator for Health InformationTechnology (ONC) Question 4 The concept of an EHR has existed since: A. 1960s B. 1980s C. 1996 D. 2010 Question 5 The enhanced utility of an EHR over a paper-based health record is primarily intended to: A. Engage patients in their healthcare B. Ensure privacy and security of health information C. Improve quality of care D. Reduce paper processing costs Question 6 In an EHR system, the policy component: In an EHR system, the policy component: B. Drives adoption of the system C. Enables use of hardware D. Helps achieve positive results Question 7 Which of the following main categories of information systems that comprise the EHR contributes data to an EHR? A. Connectivity systems B. Core clinical systems C. Source systems D. Supporting infrastructure Question 8 An example of a source system in the conceptual model of an EHR is: A. Cloud computing B. Computerized provider order entry system (CPOE) C. Health information exchange (HIE) D. Master person index (MPI) Question 9 The medication management system in an EHR: A. Includes computerized provider order entry (CPOE) B. Is managed by the pharmacy C. Requires connectivity to a patient’s personal health record D. Uses dispensing devices to deliver medications to patients Question 10 Which of the following supplies programming logic for clinical decision support? A. Clinical data repository B. Clinical data warehouse C. Knowledge sources D. Rules engine Question 11 An example of a connectivity system that supports the EHR is: A. Hardware B. Portal C. Registry D. Storage Question 12 Which of the following is considered a health IT component that may interact with but is not part of an EHR system? A. Clinical trials B. Local area network (LAN) C. Registration/Admissions-Discharge-Transfer (R-ADT) system D. Telehealth Question 13 In an electronic document management system, what helps direct work on documents? A. Content management B. Document imaging C. Indexing D. Workflow technology Question 14 A medical device that can be directly connected to an information system to capture information for the EHR is: A. Clinical messaging B. mHealth C. Smart peripheral D. Telemedicine Question 15 A registry is a: A. Database that captures and organizes data in one location Software program that indexes data Storage system that backs up and archives data System that providers contribute data to for subsequent analysis and comparison Question 16 Which type of data is easy to process by a computer? Discrete data Image data Narrative data Unstructured data Question 17 Which EHR component is typically implemented first in a physician office? Ancillary system Electronic document management system Health information management department applications Practice management system Question 18 A clinical data repository (in contrast to a clinical data warehouse) is optimized for what purpose? Analytics Data mining Predictive modeling Processing many transactions Question 19 Software that is part of an EHR and processes information to help users make clinical decisions is: Alerting system Clinical data repository Clinical decision support Knowledge source Question 20 The national health information exchange system is: America’s Health Information Exchange eHealth Exchange Health Information Organization Nationwide Health Information Network [Show More]

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