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NUR 2180 / NUR2180: Physical Assessment Quiz - Cardiac (Latest 2021 / 2022) Rasmussen

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NUR 2180 / NUR2180: Physical Assessment Quiz - Cardiac (Latest 2021 / 2022) Rasmussen1. Expected findings when you auscultate the heart - Will listen in 5 places. Normal sounds are s1, s2 with the... s2 sound being heard more on right side of heart and s1 more on the left side. Apical pulse should be felt near the mitral valve in the 4th/5thintercostal space. 2. Apical pulse is heard at - Mitral valve 3. Apical pulse - pulse taken with a stethoscope and near the apex of the heart 4. Order of listening to heart - aortic, pulmonic, erbs point, tricuspid, mitral 5. Grading of Heart Murmurs - •Grade I -barely audible •Grade 2-clearly audible but faint •Grade 3-moderately loud, easy to hear •Grade 4- Loud, associated with thrill •Grade 5- Very loud- partly off chest •Grade 6- Loudest can be heard with stethoscope lifted off chest [Show More]

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