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ATI Medical Surgical- latest update-question and answers.

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Complete an ATI Focused Review® and send me a detailed summary (2-3 sentences each) of 4 concepts that you learned from the focused review. *Transformational leaders empower followers to assume res... ponsibility for a communal vision, and personal development is a secondary outcome. Transactional leaders focus on immediate problems, maintaining the status quo and using rewards to motivate followers. *Maslow’s hierarchy - The nurse should consider this hierarchy of human needs when prioritizing interventions. For example, the nurse should prioritize aclient’s: Need for airway, oxygenation (or breathing), circulation, and potential for disability over need for shelter. Need for a safe and secure environment over a need for socialization A postpartum client has evidence of uterine atony. What uterine atony and what are three (3) risk factors? A nurse is caring for a 9-year-old client who was burned from a fireworks accident. Outline the steps the nurse will take to change the dressing A nurse is conducting a physical assessment on a newborn client. Which of the following are expected physical assessment findings? (Select all the Apply) A charge nurse is making shift assignments for the nurses on the unit. One nurse is 6-months pregnant. Which client assignment is not appropriate for the pregnant nurse? True or False Clients who have received a Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) vaccine within the past 10 years may have a false-positive Mantoux test. A client complains that she "hates taking pills." What birth control methods can the nurse discuss with the client as an alternative contraception? A nurse is caring for a client with a chest tube in place. What is the purpose of the water seal? A nurse is preparing a newborn for discharge that is diagnosed with hemophilia. What instructions should the nurse discuss with the family of the infant to prevent complications related to hemophilia? A nurse is teaching a client with hyperthyroidism strategies in management of the disease. Identify three (3) teaching points to discuss with the client. [Show More]

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