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Human Growth Final BACKWARDS- EXAM 3

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BACKWARDS- EXAM 3 Module 13 ​Risk factors during growth and adult health 1. Risk factor - ​a condition that when present over an extended period of time significantly increases the probability ... of a common degenerative disease or increase the probability of premature death a. Ex. low bone mineral density is an rf for osteoporosis i. Don't see much during childhood and adolescence b. Habits during childhood and adolescence can either + or - affect the chances of disease or death 2. 2 types of prevention a. Primary prevention - targeted @ factors that actually cause the disease prior to the manifestation of the disease i. Ex. immunizing children to protect them from infectious diseases ii. Ex. performing regular weight bearing exercise & consumption of calcium to prevent osteoporosis b. Secondary prevention - attempts to slow the progress of a disease or impairment that is already present in the individual or to prevent a recurrence​; after disease is already there; how do we slow that progression ro how do we prevent an instance from happening again i. Ex. person has myocardial infarction or a heart attack that they survive, usually some sort of behavior mod like increasing exercise, taking fat out of diet, quit smoking 3. Diseases a. Atherosclerosis - presence of fatty streaks or lesions developing in the arteries​ - is modifiable i. As early as 3 y.o so some sort of genetic component ii. Streaks will accumulate lipids over time and later become plaques which enlarge and harden, may break off, causes smaller space, heart has to work harder, increase risk of myocardial infarction iii. RF: high fat diet, family history, inactivity, present early on b. Hypertension - high blood pressure, occurs when the avg systolic or diastolic pressure taken on a least 3 different occasions is = to or higher than the 95th % for age and gender​ - disease is v. preventable i. Readings are variable in kids - 15 % have intermittent hypertensive blood pressure values (p. high) ii. RF(adults) most are modifiable:​ family history, being overweight or obese, sedentary lifestyle, excessive alcohol intake, high salt consumption, smoking c. Type 2 diabetes​ - "adult onset" - now in kids, correlates with increase in obesity, diagnosed/seen earlier in life and in greater #, affects almost 7% of adults americans, still increasing - i. POC and smokers more likely prone to T2 ii. RF(adults&kids) -​ being overweight or obese, poor diet, being sedentary ( all preventable) 4. RF in all 3 a. Smoking [Show More]

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