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Edward Carter; Pain Shadow Health Results and Focused Exam.

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Focused Exam: Pain Results | Completed shadow health. Gerontologic Nursing - August '19, NRSE 4560 Edward Carter is a 65 year old African American male who has been admitted to the hospital with bac... k pain, blood in his urine, and increased urinary frequency. He was admitted to the emergency room at 6 am, and students begin their care of him at 11 am, when he arrives to their floor. His treatment plan includes labs, urinalysis, intravenous fluids, and pain control. Mr. Carter was administered hydromorphone prior to the student's care, and they must evaluate his status. Mr. Carter's case in unguided, so students will make all necessary decisions on what data to gather on their patients. When they are finished, students will transfer care and meet Preceptor Diana for an SBAR handoff. [Show More]

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by Janice Ables · 3 years ago

It was not even the exam i needed. It had nothing to do with a urinary issue with back pain


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