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Pre lab 1. After reading through the background section, define the following: (2.5 pts each) a. oxidation b. reduction 2. Using the boxes under the equation, place an O for the element in this re... action that is being oxidized and place an R for the element that is being reduced. (5 pts) 5Fe2+(aq) + Mn+7O4-(aq) + 8H+→ 5Fe3+(aq) + Mn2+(aq) + 4H2O 3. How many electrons are lost by iron in the following half reaction? (2.5 pts) 5Fe2+(aq) →5Fe3+(aq) + 5e- 4. How many electrons are gained by manganese in the following half reaction? (2.5 pts) Mn+7O4-(aq) + 5e- → Mn2+(aq) Daniel oxidation is the gain of oxygen reduction is the loss of oxygen 3 2 [Show More]

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by Ethan Wampler · 3 years ago

one of the questions wasnt filled in, the only one i needed


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