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NSG 6005 week 4 pre test Questions And Answers

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What drug therapy could a provider select to administer to a client seeking treatment for rhinosinusitis? Question 1 options: chloride channel activators nitrofurantoin antimotility agents am... oxicillin A diabetic client with high blood pressure and a pacemaker is seeking relief from excess mucous production due to the common cold. Why would a provider not recommend decongestants to this client? Question 2 options: The risk for contraindications is high. The risk for poor metabolism of the drug is high. The efficacy of the drug will be low due to the client’s other health conditions. The risk for urinary incontinence is high. How can a provider assess airflow limitation? Question 3 options: By examining the natural expiratory volume and total volume of exhaled air and their difference By examining the forced expiratory volume and total volume of exhaled air and their ratio By examining the relaxed state of the expiratory volume and last recorded volume of exhaled air and their sum By examining the elicited expiratory volume and limited volume of exhaled air and their quotient How is first-line treatment for COPD the same as for asthma? Question 4 options: Both diseases require maintenance therapies. Both diseases are treated based on the number of hospitalizations. Both diseases results from first- or second-hand smoking. Both diseases are first always treated with short-acting muscarinic antagonists (SAMAs). A client presents with an upper respiratory tract infection that has lasted more than two weeks. The upper respiratory tract infection is accompanied by excessive coughing that produces mucous. What is the most likely diagnosis? Question 5 options: Bronchitis Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) Asthma Influenza [Show More]

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