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(Answered) QVP1 — QVP TASK 3: REFLECTION PAPER (summer 2021)

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(Answered) QVP1 — QVP TASK 3: REFLECTION PAPER REQUIREMENTS A. Reflect on your experience in the Leadership and Communication course by doing the following: 1. Provide a brief overview of... your understanding of your Energy Graph from the Learning Report, including two personal strengths and two personal challenges that relate to your working style. Note: Consider discussing your intensity level (Extreme, Effortless, Deliberate, Stress) in your main dynamics—Explore, Excite, Examine, and Execute—and how they relate to your strengths and challenges. 2. Describe your experience(s) of conversations as they relate to the laws of conversation and the four levels of the conversation meter. 3. Discuss your strategies for being a successful student, including how you will incorporate your strengths and address your challenges. 4. Reflect on your overall experience in the course and how it applies to two of the following: academic activities, professional career, or personal life. Solution: From the energy map, my level of energy in the explore, examine, and execute is a deliberate plus. The energy level in excite is effortless. This means that in the “examine, explore and execute dynamic I need a bit of effort, willful as well as consciousness to move through these dynamics. In the “excite” category my energy level is effortless. . [Show More]

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