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Maternity/OB PN Hesi Specialty V1| Comprehensive Q & A

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1) At 14-weeks gestation, a client arrives at the Emergency Center complaining of a dull pain in the right lower quadrant of her abdomen. The LPN/LVN obtains a blood sample and initiates an IV. Thirty... minutes after admission, the client reports feeling a sharp abdominal pain and a shoulder pain. Assessment findings include diaphoresis, a heart rate of 120 beats/minute, and a blood pressure of 86/48. Which action should the nurse implement next? A. Check the hematocrit results. B. Administer pain medication. C. Increase the rate of IV fluids. D. Monitor client for contractions. 2) During a prenatal visit, the LPN/LVN discusses with a client the effects of smoking on the fetus. When compared with nonsmokers, mothers who smoke during pregnancy tend to produce infants who have A. lower Apgar scores. B. lower birth weights. C. respiratory distress. D. A higher rate of congenital anomalies. [Show More]

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Maternity/OB PN Hesi Specialty V1 & V2| Comprehensive for Grade A+

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