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St. Petersburg College MAN 3504 Cahpter 10 Human Resources, Job Design, & Work Measurement Notes

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Chapter 10 Human Resources, Job Design, & Work Measurement Human resource strategy: objective is to manage labor and design jobs so people are effectively and efficiently utilized; It ensures that ... people are efficiently utilized within the constraints of other operations management decisions AND have a reasonable quality of work life in an atmosphere of mutual commitment and trust. Labor Planning I. Employment-Stability Policies: 1. Follow demand exactly: matches direct labor costs to production, incurs costs in hiring and termination, unemployment insurance, and premium wages; labor is treated as a variable cost. 2. Hold employment constant: maintains trained workforce; minimizes hiring, layoff, and unemployment costs; employees may be underutilized during slack periods; labor is treated as a fixed cost 3 types of Work Schedules: 1. Standard (five, eight-hour work days) 2. Flextime (allows employees to choose their own schedules, within limits) 3. Flexible work week (fewer but longer days). An example of this is a nurse’s schedule. Nurses may be required to work three 12-13 hour shift [Show More]

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