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 This term refers to the process of cultural mixing that are reflected in various forms of social expression. Creolization  Political globalization is approached through the following, except?... None of the above  There is generally accepted definition of globalization. Academics have remained united on the utility of various methodological approaches to the study of globalization. Both statements are true.  Globalization comes from the word “globe”. The skeptics (representative of first group) dispute the usefulness of globalization as a sufficiently precise and analytical concept. Only the second statement is correct  The following can be considered as broad definition of globalization, except. No Proximities  Economic accounts of globalization convey the notion that the essence of the increasing linkage of national economies through ____ by multinational firms. All of the above  The FIFA World Cup has more viewers than any sporting event around the world, which makes it a good example of cultural globalization. The English language is a good example of cultural globalization. Both statements are true.  According to John Tomlinson, globalization is affected by culture and vice versa. Jihad is a form of resistance that comes with Western Homogenization. Both statements are true  The political globalization scholars argue that we are now witnessing a homogenization of culture as a result of globalization. During the Bretton Woods Conference, observers called it the era of the “golden age of capitalism.” Only the second statement is correct  It refers to expansion and acceleration of political relations and interdependencies across the world-time and world space. Political globalization  It refers to a consumer-oriented capitalist global economy blamed for uprooting people from their traditions and subverting them to regulate their norms and behavior. Consumerism  How do you call the process by which people or countries become more and more similar to Americans and United States. Americanization  It refers to the intensification and stretching of economic interrelation across the globe. Economic globalization  All of the following are global critics of globalization, Except? Globaloneys  How do you call the process of homogenization of culture, economy, politics, and laws by western dominance? Westernization  Most of the participants in the academic debate regarding globalization are from the southern hemisphere. One of the reasons why there is an agreement when it comes to globalization is that the concept is a fragmented set of social process. Only the second statement is correct  The concept of globalization, like love, is vague. Rejectionist  Since Globalizing process have significantly quickened in the last few decades, global developments may need to have label. Modifiers  Globalization is not a recent process and it is happening for a long time. Sceptics  Globalization has been used to refer to anything from the internet to hamburgers. Sceptics  The world is not truly globalized because the world economy is not fully integrated. Rejectionist  Globalization as a concept is limited in nature. Sceptics  Intensified global interdependence is the result of evolution of markets and corporations. The growth of international Institutions like the European Union, ASEAN, and other regional trading blocs are example of intensified global interdependence. [Show More]

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