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AQA A-LEVEL PSYCHOLOGY EXAMPLE ANSWERS TO PREVIOUS EXAM PAPERS ______________________________ PAPER 1 (2019) WWW.TUTOR2U.NET/PSYCHOLOGY This study source was downloaded by 100000784424693 from C... on 05-30-2021 15:13:23 GMT -05:00 This study resource was shared via CourseHero.comExample Answers for AQA A-Level Psychology: Paper 1 (2019) Copyright tutor2u IMPORTANT NOTICE These answers have been written by experienced AQA examiners and teachers as just one example of what a well-prepared and high-scoring student might have written in response to the longer written questions. These example answers are not endorsed by AQA. A variety of equally valid approaches to each question could have been taken in order to score high marks. SUPPORT FOR AQA A-LEVEL PSYCHOLOGY tutor2u is the leading provider of student and teacher support for AQA A-Level Psychology. Follow these links to explore ways in which tutor2u Psychology helps support Psychology teachers and maximise student performance in AQA A-Level Psychology exams. Exam workshops AQA A-Level Psychology Strong Foundations (Year 13) – Autumn Term AQA A-Level Psychology Grade Booster (Year 13) – Spring Term REVISION AIDS Click here to browse the latest revision guides, flashcards and other revision aids for AQA A-Level Psychology. Teacher CPD courses Click here to browse tutor2u’s unrivalled programme of CPD courses to support AQA A-Level Psychology This study source was downloaded by 100000784424693 from on 05-30-2021 15:13:23 GMT -05:00 This study resource was shared via CourseHero.comExample Answers for AQA A-Level Psychology: Paper 1 (2019) Copyright tutor2u SOCIAL INFLUENCE Question 01 One explanation for the resistance to social influence is locus of control. When individuals have an internal locus of control, they are less likely to blindly obey authority figures as they are less likely to make the shift to agentic state because they believe they are responsible for their actions. They are also less likely to demonstrate normative social influence as they are less influenced by what others think. Another explanation for the resistance to social influence is social support. Asch’s research demonstrated that when there is a dissenter in the group who supported the naïve participant and disagreed with the majority levels of conformity went down. This is similar to Milgram who fund that a disobedient ally who refused to continue decreased levels of obedience. Question 04 In 1987 not as much was known about the harmful effects of smoking and therefore the group norm was to smoke as it was fashionable. This meant that young people would be influenced by normative social influence to smoke or risk rejection from the group. However, as a minority of individuals began to understand the harmful effects and used minority influence processes to enact social change. This involves using internalisation to convince individuals of their beliefs using informational influence and people’s desires to be correct. This might involve the formation of anti-smoking pressure groups which research by Moscovici has shown would need consistency in their message to be successful as he demonstrated that it was possible for a minority of confederates to influence a majority of naïve participants to believe slides were a different colour. This could be done, for example, by keeping to the message of the harmful effects on the body. In addition, this research showed that demonstrating a commitment to the message by putting yourself at risk in some way (augmentation principle) also helps to convince the majority to listen to the message, for example with strikes demonstrations. Finally, a degree of flexibility is useful such as asking people to cut back, use nicotine patches or not smoke in public places first. This makes the majority listen and take the message seriously, making them internalise the message. This acts as a snowball, slowly gathering members until there becomes a tipping point and the minority becomes the majority and uses the social pressure of normative social influence such as young people today who are more concerned with health than smoking and frown on peers who smoke. This then results in social crypto amnesia where people don’t remember that it was ever acceptable to smoke in public places and that it was fashionable. (304 words) Question 05 Social influence research has issues with the deception of its participants which leads to a further issue of a lack of informed consent to take part. For example, in Asch’s study on majority influence participants were told they were taking part in a test of visual perception and in Milgram’s research into obedience they were told it was a study into the effects of punishment on learning. However, these levels of deception are necessary in social influence research as telling the participants that your will be studying their levels of conformity to a social group, or their levels of obedience would result in demand characteristics and invalidate the results obtained. Social Influence research has also been criticised for the lack of protection for its participants. For example, in both Zimbardo and Milgram’s research the participants learned that they were [Show More]

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