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MUS 354 bealtes 3A This song, performed here "live," is entitled... "Strawberry Fields Forever" "Penny Lane" "I Am the Walrus" "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" "Magical Mystery Tour" "... Yesterday" 2 Prior to the vocals harmonies, the opening seconds of this song feature... George Martin announcing the group Jazzy tenor saxophone George's solo electric guitar the sounds of screaming fans and helicopters John and Paul discussing the track all of the above 3 The composer and lead vocalist of this song is... Paul McCartney George Harrison Ringo Starr George Martin Brian Epstein all four Beatles 4 The instrumental middle section features... George's electric guitar solo and strings electric organ and brass Paul soloing on bass in his upper register Ringo's longest drum solo on record George Martin narrating over the track none of the above 5 The ending of this particular clip of the song features... a repeat of the song's introduction crowd noise and electronic sound effects a direct segue into "I Want to Hold Your Hand" a return to the instrumental middle section repetition of the vocal chorus with orchestra George Martin narrating as the song ends none of the above [Show More]

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