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Case Study, Geriatrics practicum (A Graded) Latest Complete Solutions

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Geriatrics practicum Chamberlain A.K. is a 65-year-old Caucasian male Background He reports that he has had an 18 pound unintentional weight loss in the last 2 months “I am just not hungry... anymore, and when I do eat, I get full so fast. In fact, it is really hard to eat, and I don’t eat nearly as much as usual, even though I eat 3 times every day”. He also reports feeling more tired than usual. “I am not sleeping very well. My wife wakes me up when I am snoring, or when she thinks I am not breathing. I used to have sleep apnea, but I don’t think I have it anymore. Besides, that mask is so horrible to wear.” He reports day time somnolence. He reports that he is at the clinic today because of his wife and daughter’s concern about his weight loss and loss of appetite. PMH Mr. A.K. has a history of hypertension, cataracts, and osteoarthritis. Current medications: Ibuprofen 600 mg po TID Lisinopril 20 mg po QD Hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg PO QD Simvastatin 20 mg po QD Vitamin D3 50,000 units po weekly Omeprazole 40 mg po QD Sudafed 50 mg po TID prn Surgeries April 2010-Right cataract extraction with Intraocular Lens Placement June 2010- Left cataract extraction with Intraocular Lens Placement November 2011-Left total knee arthroplasty Allergies: No known drug or food allergies. Allergies to latex causing difficulty breathing and to bee stings, causing widespread edema and airway obstruction. Vaccination History He receives annual flu shots “most of the time”. His last one was 18 months ago. Received a Pneumovax “the day I turned 65”. His last TD was greater than 10 years ago. Has not had the herpes zoster vaccine. Social history He has an 8th grade education and is a retired concrete finisher. He lives with his wife of 45 years and his daughter lives next door. He enjoys working in his back yard garden and recently tripped over the garden hose last week where his neighbor had to come and help him up. [Show More]

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