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NR601 Case Summary Presentation Primary Diagnosis: Diabetes mellitus type 2 (E11): Patient Information: Ms. S., 62 year-old, Black female S. CC “Reports increased thirst, hunger, frequent urin... ation and fatigue” HPI: Ms. S. is a 62-year-old black female, returned to the clinic today to discuss her concerns about her difficulty to lose weight despite her lifestyles changes. She reports feeling extremely thirsty and hungry with increased exercises. She has increased urination, and feeling tired all the time. Onset: Three months ago Location: General and genitourinary Duration: She feels tired all the time. Characteristics: Weight unchanged despite lifestyles changes Aggravating Factors: She feels more thirsty and hungry with exercises, thus eats and drinks more secondary to that. Relieving Factors: none reported Treatment: None reported Severity: She eats and drinks more due to increased exercise, which is causing her not to lose the weight that she wants to lose. The increase in thirst has her urinating more as well and has interfered with her outings with her friends. Current Medications: None reported. Allergies: NKDA PMHx: Unknow Social Hx: None reported. Fam Hx: Unknown. ROS: Constitutional: Reports no fever, chills/or malaise. She said she had hard time losing weight despite exercising. [Show More]

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