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Treatment of Strep Throat_ CASE STUDY (Advanced Pharmacology N5334)

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Treatment of Strep Throat 1 RUNNING head: STREP THROAT Treatment of Strep Throat Advanced Pharmacology N5334 Treatment of Strep Throat 2 Treatment of Strep Throat CASE SUMMARY: A 5-year-old boy ... presents with complaints of sore, throat, stomachache, and headache. Mom reports he has been sleeping more than usual and as not eaten solid food for two days. Physical examination reveals patient is obviously fatigued with elevated temperature of 38.8C (101.8F), swollen uvula, reddened tonsils with white exudate, soft palate is tender with petechia noted, anterior cervical lymph nodes are noted to be enlarged. Rapid Strep test is positive for strep. [Show More]

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