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Technology and Society o Technology  Definition: a device or machinery used to make tasks easier.  Book Definition: Humans applying knowledge and using objects to change the natural and huma... n-built environment. o Studying Technology...  Technique -> Technical  -ology -> People  Technical Means + Society = Tech-nology o Technology...  Application of human knowledge  Involves tools, materials, systems  Results in artifacts  Is developed by people to modify and control the environment o Modern Cellular Telephone Service  Good  Convenience of instant access  Security/safety  Bad  Annoying  Traffic accidents while talking on a cell phone o Understand and use technology  Act wisely and responsibly o 4 types of knowledge  Descriptive  Explain what’s going on, room is 25 ft X 45 ft, it is 75 degrees out  Humanities  Art, music, items that bring us joy, relaxation, and entertainment  Sciences  The natural world  Technologic [Show More]

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