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NURS 6551 – Primary Care of Women Week 10 Quiz with answers – Walden university (A Grade) | NURS6551 – Primary Care of Women Week 10 Quiz with answers – (A Grade)

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NURS 6551 – Primary Care of Women Week 10 Quiz with answers – Walden university (A Grade) 1. What should be considered in order to interpret the Mini-Mental State exam considering the diagnosis... of Alzheimer’s disease? a. Education b. Family history of Alzheimer’s Disease c. Medications that include estrogen d. Past history of concussion 2. Which of the following statements does not support the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease? a. Crying every day b. Forgetting where she puts things c. Getting lost driving to the grocery store d. Lost ability to balance checkbook 3. Which of the following is not a risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease? a. Smoking b. Head injury c. Age d. History of hormonal contraception 4. The pharmacologic therapy of choice for migraines is from which class: a. Beta-adrenergic blockers b. Ergot alkaloid c. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs d. Selective serotonin receptor agonists 5. Screening for hyperlipidemia is recommended to begin at what age for women with no risk factors? a. 35 b. 40 c. 45 d. 50 6. Chest pain associated with irritation of the myocardial nerve fibers (such as with angina pectoris or myocardial infarction) is due to an increase in: a. Blood glucose b. Lactic acid c. Serum magnesium d. Serum potassium 7. What is the definition of a primary headache? a. A headache that occurs only before and during menstruation b. A headache is caused by a preexisting condition c. A headache that is not a symptom of, or caused by, another condition d. A headache that is characterized by muscle tension 8. All of the following are associated with chest pain and representative of coronary artery disease except: a. Diaphoresis b. Jaw pain c. Pain with inspiration d. Shortness of breath 9. The most important part of the work-up to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease is: a. CT or MRI scan b. Mental status examination c. History of present illness d. Neurologic examination 10. The clinician is seeing a 48-year-old women for the first time. She is overweight and has a blood pressure of 120/92. She is on no medications and does not smoke or drink alcohol. Her family history is negative for heart disease. Her physical exam is unremarkable. The clinician should advise her as follows: a. Her blood pressure is high normal and does not require further follow-up at this time. b. She has prehypertension c. She has stage 1 hypertension d. She needs two additional blood pressure checks on two separate occasions. e. [Show More]

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