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NUR 2488: Mental Health Nursing Exam 1 1. A 4-year-old grabs a toy and says I want that toy now, and then the sibling comes crying to you. Where is this behavior coming from based on Freud? The I... d, ego, super ego? ANSWER: 2. An African American says to a nurse "you wouldn't understand because you live in a white world" how do you respond? ANSWER: 3. Attitudes and behavior are what kind of actions? ANSWER: 4. A child was killed in a car accident, the mom says I can't go on with my life, what do you say? ANSWER: 5. Do we have to have informed consent? ANSWER: 6. Do you want to offer yourself for listening? ANSWER: 7. Erickson- a 25-year-old has major depressive disorder and is staying in his room, what is he doing? ANSWER: 8. Erickson's theory-- Which developmental task should the nurse help this man that lives at home (who is 35) with? ANSWER: 9. How does nurse patient relationship differ from other interpersonal relationships? What is the focus on the nursing patient relationship? ANSWER: 10. How do you seek clarification when talking to someone? ANSWER: Do I understand you? 11. If a dose was wrong, what would you do? ANSWER: 12. If you have a patient who refuses daily cares, can we make them do it? ANSWER: 13. "I have no reason to live?" How will the nurse respond? ANSWER: 14. I'm assessing you but I the patient doesn't make eye contact with you; how do you document that? "The patient did not make eye contact with me" 15. Is there stigmas in mental illness? ANSWER: 16. Maslow- A nurse is doing a mental health assessment, which action by the client would demonstrate the highest achievement in terms of mental health? What is it called on the Maslow pyramid? ANSWER: 17. "Meds are my only hope to feel normal again." What is the nurse’s response? -This is a chemical imbalance ANSWER: 18. Non therapeutic ANSWER: 19. A nurse tells another nurse that she wants a patient to participate in a study, what is the nurse’s responsibility? ANSWER: 20. A patient can't talk, what would do to help them? ANSWER: 21. Patient: "I am really upset about being discharged" Nurse: "Why, you should be happy to leave?" Is this an example on therapeutic communication or non-therapeutic communication? ANSWER: 22. Therapeutic communication ANSWER: 23. What are goals supposed to be? ANSWER: 24. What class of meds treats depression? ANSWER: 25. What do you call psych group meeting? ANSWER: 26. What do you document? ANSWER: 27. What do you want to establish with your patients? ANSWER: 28. What gets patients into inpatients units? ANSWER: 29. What is active listening? ANSWER: 30. What is an example of negligence? ANSWER: n 31. What is autonomy? ANSWER: 32. What is Becks theory? ANSWER: 33. What is clarifying? ANSWER: 34. What is Freuds theory? The three components? ANSWER: 35. What is HIPPA ANSWER: 36. What is skinners theory? ANSWER: ing 37. What is the classifications of drugs that we use to treat anxiety? ANSWER: 38. What is the most basic of Maslow? ANSWER: 39. What is the most common psych disorder in college students? ANSWER: 40. What is the nurse theorists name? Who did she base her theory off of? ANSWER: ANSWER: 41. What rights do patients have that voluntarily check themselves in? ANSWER: 42. What's Maslow's theory called? ANSWER: 43. What test would test recent memory? ANSWER: 44. What would you tell a patient that says I'm here for my heart, not my head? 45. When do you use 4-point restraints? ANSWER: 46. When someone enters into a psych unit, what is the overall goal? What do we want him or her to become? ANSWER: 47. Why do we perform mental status exams? And when do we do them? ANSWER: Upon admissions 48. You observe someone calling someone else names, how do you respond? ANSWER: [Show More]

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