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Every headache warrants workup for life-threatening secondary causes like meningitis, tumor, SAH ● Red flags: inc. severity/freq over 3 months, thunderclap (SAH), new onset after age 50, aggravated... or relieved by change in position, inc. with Valsalva or exertion, assoc. w/ night sweats, fever, weight loss, recent head trauma, presence of CA, HIV, pregnancy, change in pattern from past h/a, assoc. papilledema, neck stiffness, focal neuro deficit ● Severe and sudden= SAH or meningitis ● Migraine/tension headache=episodic, peak over several hours ● Don’t give birth control to women with migraines- increased risk of stroke and MI ● New and persistent, severe=tumor, abscess, mass lesion ● Unilateral=migraine, cluster h/a ● Cluster h/a may be retroorbital ● Tension headache in temporal areas ● N/V common in migraine, tumors and SAH ● Prodrome aura common in migraine- e.g. photopsias (flashes of light), fortifications (zig zags of light), scotomas (areas of visual loss surrounded by normal vision ● Valsalva and leaning forward inc. pain from acute sinusitis ● Valsalva and laying down inc. pain from mass lesions The eyes ● Hyperopia: difficulty with close work, “farsightedness” ● Presbyobia: farsightedness due to age ● Myopia: difficulty with distance, “nearsightedness” ● Differential diagnosis of vision loss: o SUDDEN, UNILATERAL and PAINLESS [Show More]

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