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South University Women's Health Final Exam, Nurse Practitioner 6430 ,Already Graded A

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Nurse Practitioner 6430 | South University Women's Health Final Exam 1. Bacterial vaginosis 2. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) 3. Dx of BV: 4. Candida presents as: 5. Sx of trichomoniasis incl... ude: 6. treatment of BV 7. Treatment of Candidiasis: 8. Treatment of trichomoniasis: 9. Symptoms of gonorrhea: 10. Treatment for gonorrhea: 11. Can you use doxycycline in pregnancy? 12. Symptoms of chlamydia: 13. Treatment for chlamydia: 14. Types of HPV that cause warts 15. Types of HPV that cause cervical cancer 16. Treatment for herpes 17. What stage of syphilis is painless chancre seen? 18. What stage of syphilis is seen with rash to torso, palms and feet? 19. What stage of syphilis has damage to nervous system? 20. What are the screening tests for syphilis? 21. Treatment for syphilis: 22. How much folic acid is recommended in pregnancy? 23. How much folic acid is recommended in a diabetic patient? 24. What Tanner stage do breast buds start to appear? 25. What stage of adolescence is most associated with eating disorders? 26. FSH level > 30 is indicative of what? 27. Hair loss, hot flashes, dry membranes, osteoporosis are all symptoms of what? 28. What are the recommendations for DEXA SCAN? 29. Menopause effects on heart disease 30. Black cohosh and/or evening primrose are good for what? 31. When should females get the HPV vaccine? 32. FSH and LH originate from where? 33. Risk factors for osteoporosis 34. How much calcium is recommended to prevent osteoporosis? 35. How much vitamin D is recommended daily? 36. A DEXA score of ____ is indicative of osteoporosis 37. ____ osteoporosis is associated with aging 38. ____ osteoporosis is in response to medications or disease states 39. A T-score of -1.0 to -2.5 means: 40. Follicular phase 41. Ovulatory phase 42. Luteal phase [Show More]

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