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CS 6310-Quiz-5-Design Patterns & Related Issues| COMUPTER Science-Georgia-Institute-Of-Technology

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Quiz 5: Design Pazerns & Related Issues Started: Apr 6 at 1:06pm Quiz Instrucƭons Basic Rules & Regulations: The following quiz has 30 True/False and Multiple Choice questions (1 point each). Th... e quiz is open book/open notes. You can consult materials from different sources, but you are not allowed to seek assistance from fellow classmates or other individuals, either directly or via any other communication channels including Piazza, Slack, StackOverflow, etc. You have four (4) attempts to take the quiz. Each attempt will be timed to allow for a 60 minute session. Your highest score will be your final score for the event. The scores will be muted for the duration of the assignment, to include the 2-day late period after the initial 5-day testing window. Scores will be published after the testing window and late period have been completed. Also, like assignments, if you retake the quiz during the 2-day late period, your final score will be penalized in accordance with the syllabus/course policies. It doesn't matter if you completed earlier quizzes during the 5-day testing window. Quiz Content and Focus Areas: Gamma, Helm, Johnson, Vlissides Paper - Design Patterns: Abstraction and Reuse of Object-Oriented Design [21 pages - all fair game] Larman Chapter 17. GRASP: Designing Objects with Responsibilities Chapter 25. GRASP: More Objects with Responsibilities Chapter 26. Applying GoF Design Patterns Chapter 36. More Object Design with GoF Patterns [Each chapter - all pages fair game as needed] I've included the GRASP chapters because Larman makes strong references to the GRASP principles in helping to understand the GoF and related design patterns on a deeper level, as opposed to just memorizing them by rote.Question 1 1 pts True False The additional complexity introduced by using design patterns when implementing a class library makes it much more difficult for someone to learn the library and understand how it (and related libraries) work. Question 2 1 pts True False Design patterns that are in the compound jurisdiction deal strictly with relationships between objects that are peers. Question 3 1 pts True False Responsibility-driven design (RDD) involves thinking about how to assign responsibilities to collaborating objects. Question 4 1 pts4/6/2019 Quiz: Quiz 5: Design Patterns & Related Issues 3/10 True False During design, speculative “future-proofing” against unknown possible variations can lead to unnecessary effort, increased complexity, and lost time. [Show More]

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