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Critical Care Exit HESI Q & A CRITICAL CARE EXIT HESI 1. Pulmonary air embolus prevention - Trendelenburg (HOB down) and on left side to trap air in the right side of the heart 2. Acut... e renal failure with a serum potassium of 7.5mEq/L. based on this finding - Administer a retention enema of Kayexalate 3. Patient with Hx of chronic atrial fibrillation - Be sure to take the prescribed daily aspirin 4. Most important for the nurse to use an IV pump and/or Buretrol when initiating IV therapy after which surgical procedure - Craniotomy 5. Infant admitted to the NICU is tachypneic, tachycardic, and has bounding brachial pulses - Monitor for congestive heart failure [Show More]

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