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Essentials of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing 7th Edition By Mary C - Test Bank.

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1. What is the most essential task for a nurse to accomplish prior to forming a therapeutic relationship with a client? 1. Clarify personal attitudes, values, and beliefs. 2. Obtain thorough assess... ment data. 3. Determine the client’s length of stay. 4. Establish personal goals for the interaction. 2. If a client demonstrates transference toward a nurse, how should the nurse respond? 1. Promote safety and immediately terminate the relationship with the client. 2. Encourage the client to ignore these thoughts and feelings. 3. Immediately reassign the client to another staff member. 4. Help the client to clarify the meaning of the relationship, based on the present situation. 3. What should be the priority nursing action during the orientation (introductory) phase of the nurse-client relationship? 1. Acknowledge the client’s actions, and generate alternative behaviors. 2. Establish rapport and develop treatment goals. 3. Attempt to find alternative placement. 4. Explore how thoughts and feelings about this client may adversely impact nursing care. 4. Which client action should a nurse expect during the working phase of the nurseclient relationship? 1. The client gains insight and incorporates alternative behaviors. 2. The client establishes rapport with the nurse and mutually develops treatment goals. 3. The client explores feelings related to reentering the community. 4. The client explores personal strengths and weaknesses that impact behavioral choices. 5. Which client statement should a nurse identify as a typical response to stress most often experienced in the working phase of the nurse-client relationship? 1. “I can’t bear the thought of leaving here and failing.” 2. “I might have a hard time working with you, because you remind me of my mother.” 3. “I really don’t want to talk any more about my childhood abuse.” 4. “I’m not sure that I can count on you to protect my confidentiality.” 6. A mother who is notified that her child was killed in a tragic car accident states, “I can’t bear to go on with my life.” Which nursing statement conveys empathy? 1. “This situation is very sad, but time is a great healer.” 2. “You are sad, but you must be strong for your other children.” 3. “Once you cry it all out, things will seem so much better.” 4. “It must be horrible to lose a child, and I’ll stay with you until your husband arrives.” 7. When an individual is “two-faced,” which characteristic—essential to the development of a therapeutic relationship—should a nurse identify as missing? 1. Respect 2. Genuineness 3. Sympathy 4. Rapport 8. On which task should a nurse place priority during the working phase of relationship development? 1. Establishing a contract for intervention 2. Examining feelings about working with a particular client 3. Establishing a plan for continuing aftercare 4. Promoting the client’s insight and perception of reality 9. Which therapeutic communication technique is being used in the following nurseclient interaction? Client: “My father spanked me often.” Nurse: “Your father was a harsh disciplinarian.” 1. Restatement 2. Offering general leads 3. Focusing 4. Accepting 10. Which therapeutic communication technique is being used in the following nurseclient interaction? Client: “When I am anxious, the only thing that calms me down is alcohol.” Nurse: “Other than drinking, what alternatives have you explored to decrease anxiety?” [Show More]

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