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TEAS TEST 6_Latest complete questions & Answers solution

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1) When does meiosis take place? 2) Where does meiosis take place? 3) When does mitosis take place? 4) Where does mitosis take place? 5) How many daughter cells are produced in mitosis? ... 6) How many daughter cells are produced in meiosis? 7) Phase of Mitosis 8) Phase of meiosis 9) What muscle is used for goosebumps? 10) Where gametes were produced? 11) What are DNA strands? 12) What is Fertilization? 13) Which layer of skin produce sebum? 14) What flows blood away from the heart? 15) What part of the bone produce lymphocytes? 16) where does the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide occur? 17) What secrets insulin? 18) What secrets Amylase? 19) Layer of skin? 20) Thermoregulation? 21) What is the part of the brain responsible for thermoregulation? 22) What is active immunity 23) what is passive immunity 24) Different between active and passive immunity? 25) What is chemical bond? 26) What is condensation? 27) What is the difference between Pulmonary Artery and Pulmonary Vein? 28) Circulatory and urinary system? 29) Function of Urea? 30) What happen when muscle contract? 31) What made Gregor Mendel’s experiment successful? 32) What type of bond hold DNA together? 33) What a catalyst does? 34) What is a hypotonic solution? 35) what is isotonic solution? 36) What is hypertonic solution? 37) Function of Hormones? 38) Protein in digestive system? 39) How are lipids digested in the gut? 40) What happens to proteins in the digestive system? 41) Bone Healing Process? 42) Neuromuscular Function? 43) What is Sweat gland and it functions? 44) Where are the sweat glands located in the body? [Show More]

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