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Questions From Proctored Med Surg ATI Exam Study Materials.

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Proctored ATI Signs of wound healing Wound dehiscence? -warm NaCl solution? ● Position the client supine with the hips and knees bent. ● Observe for indications of shock Answer ... to unknown question about secretions? -dopamine Manfestations of left-sided heart failure? -JVD? - Elderly pt showing signs of possible sepsis. RN’s 1st intervention? - Tuberculosis: 2 medications (cant remember). RN teachings effective? Ramofin?? -I will be done with med regimen in 3 months? Tuberculosis Rn considerations? -high ….. mask? Tuberculosis RN teaching effective? Pt w/glaucoma; expected manifestations? -reduced peripheral vision? -dark spots in front of eyes? Glaucoma medication contraindications? Warfarin and contraindicated food? -oranges? -bananas? -cauliflower? -potatoes? Methotrexatept with RA? Left renal …. Block? Where is the referred pain? Order of …peak flow meter Breathing….(from rachael text) Left hemiparesia…CVA: RN instructions. -use cane on affected left side? - Which labs show mulit-system organ failure? -BUN? -Creat? -Liver enzymes? RN intervention for blood transfusion with clots in bag? -warm the blood Cushings Disease manifestations? -hypocalcemia? -hypernatremia? RN considerations post Tibia external (pin?) repair? Pt with RA taking Naproxen. Which medication is contraindicated? -Ibuprofen? Pt with Cirrohsis manifestation, report to MD? -abdominal distention? Pt with meningitis…….? -something about nuchal rigidity? Left Mastectomy with tissue extender? Pt/RN teaching effective? -I can have more saline infused into tissue extender in 3 months? -Keep left arm flexed at elbow? -Use 15 lb weights to exercise arms? Venous graft: how to assess? -no bruit heard? -palpated thrill over graft? Peripheral Arterial Disease: RN teachings? -Pt will elevate legs on recliner 1 hr each afternoon? - Digoxin toxicity can be caused by which electrolyte imbalance? -MG -Ca -K Vancomyacin toxicity? -tinnitus Spider ….? Diabetes Insipidous? Seizure precautions? -leave rails down? -keep tongue blade bedside? -Keep IV patent? Testing with radio…contrast. Which med is contraindicated? -welbutrin? Hct-47%? Most accurate way to determine renal function? -Urine specific gravity? -BUN Creatinine? Leukemia teaching? -wash perinium twice a day with soap and water? - What happens if TPN is discontinued too quickly? What complication is RN trying to avoid if d/c TPN by doing it slowly? TSH-4.3, RN do next? Prednisolone: effective RN teaching? -take meds between meals? -take meds on empty stomach? -take meds with OJ? -take meds with mik? C-diff RN teaching? -wipe counters in chlorhexidine? -wash hands in alcohol soap? -put pt in protective room? Pt with diverticulitis says he is using holistic Tx; which of the following is contraindicated? -Saw palmetto -Acupuncture -colonic - End stage AIDS pt is being discharged; which RN discharge teaching? -go into large crowds -you are not responsible for cooking your own meals -Soak medical equipment (sterilize) for 24 hours -burn all soiled sheets and clothing -get yearly influenza vaccine? [Show More]

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