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HESI PHARMACOLOGY RN TEST BANK 2018 v2 14 questions and answers

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1. A client receiving tetracycline( Azithromycin) for chlamydia urethritis. The PN should reinforce which instruction a. Protect the client from sun exposure 2. How should the PN administer the ear... drops for the child? a. Pull the ear down and back 3. A client asks the PN to crush an enteric coated medication so that it will be easier to swallow. What is the action of the enteric coating? a. The coating delays dissolution until the medication is exposed to intestinal secretions 4. What is the nursing measures for Mannitol ( Osmitol ) a. Monitor the urinary output 5. Missed dose of Amphetamine a. Resume the medication dosing schedule with the noon dose 6. Valsartan ( Diovan) angiotensin II receptor antagonist which parameter should the PN monitor to evaluate therapeutic response to this drug? a. Monitor the BP 7. What lab should the nurse monitor for a client with the Chronic Kidney Disease? a. Hemoglobin 8. What is the therapeutic response of Keratolytic properties to a client with psoriasis? a. Scaley areas of the skin appear softer with less peeling 9. What is Prednisone ( Deltasone) a. It is a corticoid steroid 10. What are the side effects of Viagra? ....................................................continued [Show More]

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