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ENG 115UNIT 2 - CHALLENGE 3 The Essay. SUMMER 2020. Answers with Explanations.

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ENG115; UNIT 2 - CHALLENGE 3: The Essay. SUMMER 2020 1 — Basic Essay Structure Identify the general components required of academic essays. Which of the following is a required component of an ... academic essay? • a.) Body paragraphs that support the essay's main points • b.) Research that backs up the essay's argument • c.) A conclusion that inspires the reader to take action • d.) Rhetorical appeals that convince the reader 2 — The Essay Identify and understand the components of an effective academic essay. Choose the FALSE statement about a 5-paragraph essay. • a.) It works well for all types of essays because it limits the topic for the writer. • b.) It can be a useful form to master, especially for the purpose of timed writing. • c.) It typically includes an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. • d.) Advanced or experienced writers rarely limit themselves to this structure. 3 — Paragraphs and Topic Sentences Recognize appropriate topic sentences and supporting sentences in paragraphs. As a member of the city council, Sarah was tasked with creating a letter to residents informing them of the decision to implement a disaster preparation plan for their small town and the benefits of having a disaster preparation plan in place. Read Sarah's draft below: The police department, fire department, utility and other city workers, as well as the mayor’s office will share communications and operate from a central location. This will minimize confusion and allow officials to manage both preparedness and recovery operations most efficiently. Communications among the various departments and business factions will be direct and ongoing. Choose the best topic sentence for the paragraph. • a.) The proposed plan will coordinate resources within the city in case of a natural disaster or emergency. • b.) In addition to a federal grant to help offset costs, plans are being made to access state grants as well. • c.) It is essential that we devote equal attention to preparedness for an emergency and recovery efforts. • d.) Vulnerable populations—such as the elderly or the very young—are one of the top considerations. 4 — Introductions Identify the elements of a strong introductory paragraph. “Now I just need a good hook,” Janet muttered as she considered the introduction to her essay. Janet could use any of the following approaches to create a good hook except __________. • a.) announce the research behind the essay's claim • b.) provide a startling statistic • c.) relate a thought-provoking anecdote • d.) make an effective comparison 5 — Conclusions Understand the various ways to write an effective conclusion. Marcell has decided to use a summary approach for the conclusion to his essay because __________. • a.) he wants his readers to be moved to action • b.) his essay includes a multi-point argument • c.) his essay leaves the topic open for further research • d.) he knows his essay leaves unanswered questions 6 — Introduction to Comparison/Contrast Essays Understand the purpose and structure of an informative comparison/contrast essay. Choose the true statement about writing a comparison/contrast essay. • a.) The purpose of a comparison/contrast essay is to convince the reader that one subject is better than the other. • b.) A comparison/contrast essay is typically written from a personal point of view and tells a story. • c.) A comparison/contrast essay should point out only the obvious connections between subjects. • d.) The subjects being compared or contrasted must connect in a meaningful way. 7 — Writing an Effective Comparison/Contrast Essay Recognize the components of and techniques used to write an informative comparison/contrast essay. Maya is writing a comparison/contrast essay for her English class. She's chosen her subjects - the religions of Buddhism and Hinduism. As a part of the writing process, what should Maya do next? • a.) She should draft her essay, creating body paragraphs for each significant point of contrast or comparison • b.) She should make a list of differences and similarities so she can determine her points of comparison or contrast. • c.) She should conduct research to determine the most common arguments for or against her her position. • d.) She should create an outline that she can use as a roadmap as she drafts the essay. 8 — Model Comparison/Contrast Essays Recognize characteristics of an effective informative comparison/contrast essay. Refer to the model essay titled "Contrasting the Northern and Southern Colonies." Select the option that reflects one point of contrast demonstrated in the essay. • a.) The major differences between the North and South were social politics, climate, and farming methods. • b.) Education systems were well developed in both colonies. • c.) The economy of the North centered around small farms and industrialization, while the economy of the South centered on cash crops and plantation farming • d.) Both the Northern and Southern colonies were ruled by England. [Show More]

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