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CS 1104 Computer Systems- Graded Unit 6 Quiz With Answers

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CS 1104 Computer Systems Given the HDL language described in Appendix A, is the following design valid? The Screen and Keyboard chips should be part of the ... chip. Which part of the CPU is in... charge of decoding the instructions before they can be executed, and deciding which instruction to fetch and execute next? A RAM device accepts the minimum following inputs: What is the function of the following circuit? The statement foo[bar]=15 is conceptually the same as: DFF behavior can be represented as: The von Neumann architecture is based on a: Which part of the C-Instruction instructs the ALU what to compute? True/False: The clock in a sequential logic circuit keeps track of hours, minutes, and seconds in the local timezone. 16-bit / 64-register memory The program that translates from assembly to binary is called: A counter is combinational logic, that simply adds a constant (typically 1) to a given number. A-instruction is used for: Variable, arrays, and objects are stored in the computer's ... When implementing the a 1-bit register, we need to tell the register when to store a new data and when to keep storing its internal value. For that we need a : Match each command (written in typical machine language syntax) to the memory access mode. In our text the following is known as a: Dierent types of Registers: In the DFF symbolic notation, the small triangle represents the : The basic idea of the stored program concept is that the logic of the programs is embedded in the hardware. Which of the following is NOT a component of the CPU? What is the mnemonic for an instruction that causes an unconditional branch to a new instruction? [Show More]

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