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Practical Law of Architecture, Engineering, and Geoscience, Third Canadian Edition, Test Bank by Brian M. Samuels, Doug R. Sanders

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Chapter 1 The Canadian Legal System TRUE FALSE 1. Civil litigants have an automatic right of appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada. Answer: False Page: 2 Difficulty: Moderate Skill: Applied SHORT ANSW... ER 2. What rule applies when federal and provincial legislation have a direct operational conflict? Answer: The federal legislation trumps the provincial legislation to the extent of the contradiction. This is called the doctrine of paramountcy. Page: 1 Difficulty: Moderate Skill: Applied MULTIPLE CHOICE 3. Which of the following is a federal power under the Canadian Constitution? a. fisheries b. management of hospitals c. governance of the professions d. contracts Answer: a Comment: The others are within provincial government jurisdiction. Page: 1 Difficulty: Easy Skill: [Show More]

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