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Sophia Visual Communications Milestone 2. You passed this Milestone 20 questions were answered correctly. 4 questions were answered incorrectly. 1 Digital technology provided an improvement that freed... designers from the limitations of __________. • OpenType • monospaced type • TrueType • proportional type 2 Which of the terms listed below best describes the use of color in this sustainability poster? • Symbolic use of color • Chromotherapeutic use of color • Monochromatic use of color 3 [Digital image]. (n.d.). Retrieved from Which of the following are split complementary colors? • Yellow-orange, blue, and violet • Blue, yellow-orange, and green • Blue-green, violet, and orange • Green, blue-green, and violet 4 Based on this color wheel, which of the following is a secondary color? • Red • Yellow • Blue • Green 5 What is the correct description for the classification of type called "Old Style"? • This style is characterized by a geometric quality, with hairline thin serifs and extreme contrast between thick and thin strokes. • This style is characterized by elaborate, straight, angular strokes. • This style is characterized by low contrast between thick and thin strokes, and distinctive numerals. • This style is characterized by slab serifs and the use of even-weight strokes. 6 A grid-based layout commonly used in website design is called what? • Rebus • Mondrian • Silhouette • Circus 7 Mixing dabs of red and black acrylic paint, each straight from the tube, will result in a __________ of red. • tone • shade • tint • complement 8 Which of the following defines a typeface? • A capital letter form using different weights and widths • Contains all capital letterforms, of consistent posture and width • Contains the name of the publisher, family, weight, posture and width • A member of a complete set of letters, numbers and punctuation symbols 9 How is additive color seen? • When light is projected • When darkness is shown • Through the printing process • When color is reflected 10 What is the difference between a slanted typeface and an italic typeface? • Italic type is designed specifically to slant to the right. Slanted type is regular type that is slanted by a machine. • Italic type has poor readability. Slanted type has good readability. • Italic type is computer generated. Slanted type is based on hand-crafted script. • Italic type has serifs. Slanted type is sans-serif. 11 Which element is featured prominently in this layout grid? • Bleeds • Captions • Columns • Gutter 12 Comparing the International Style Movement to the de Stijl Style Movement, which statement is accurate? • The de Stijl Style and International Style Movements both originated in Switzerland. • de Stijl and International Styles both focus on serif type arrangements. • de Stijl focuses on primary colors, while the International Style is not tied to a color scheme. • International Style is loose and decorative, while de Stijl Style is rigid and grid-based. 13 Which of the following terms describes the sketch in this photo? • Bleed drawing • WYSIWYG drawing • Wireframe drawing • Modular drawing 14 Which two types of text alignment are used in this page layout? • Right alignment and free form • Centered alignment and justified alignment • Centered alignment and left alignment • Free form and justified alignment 15 Which of the layout characteristics listed below is contained in this image? • Headline • Justified type • Right alignment • Left alignment 16 Which image uses a golden section? • • • 17 Which statement correctly explains kerning? • Kerning is the version of a typeface that is wider than its regular form. • Kerning is the white space between two letters. • Kerning is the spacing across a range of words in body copy. • Kerning is the white space between two lines of type. 18 Which of the following correctly defines the saturation of a color? • The intensity of the color • The transparency of a color • The temperature of the color in degrees Kelvin • The lightness or darkness of the color 19 Which of the following describes type weight? • The thickness of a letter stroke • The width of a letter stroke • The x-height of a letter stroke • The baseline of a letter stroke 20 CMYK color is used in which situation? • Reading a magazine on your phone • Reading a magazine printed on paper • Reading a magazine on your laptop computer • Reading a magazine on your tablet 21 Examine the two type examples. They are shown in the same point size. Why do they look different? • One of the fonts has been tracked very loosely. • One of the fonts needs to be kerned. • The fonts have two different X-heights. 22 Which list orders the elements from most prominent to least prominent? • Headline, body copy, caption • Headline, subhead, body copy • Headline, image, subhead • Headline, caption, body copy 23 Why is paragraph alignment important? • The paragraph alignment is the framework on which a design is built. • The paragraph alignment creates unity in a design. • Paragraph alignment impacts reading speed and how the eye is led through a design. 24 The computer graphics and 3D software programs that are used to create characters, spaceships, and worlds for big-screen films use which color process? • Four color • Additive • Subtractive • Pantone [Show More]

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