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NUR 2474 Pharmacology for Professional Nursing Exam 1 Review NUR 2474 Pharmacology for Professional Nursing NUR2474 Exam 1 Review Please review general tips from Quiz review document (tes t taking str... ategies, select all that apply questions, etc.). The test will utilize Respondus browser and monitor (using webcam). No notes or textbook allowed on the test. Calculator will be enabled in the browser. General tips for studying: 1. Memorize names of medication categories from the presentation (SSRI’s, benzodiazepines, first/second generation antipsychotics, etc.) used to treat common neuro conditions (PD, Alzheimer’s disease, BPD, ADHD, etc.) 2. Memorize key drugs from categories above (there are many questions with specific drug names) 3. Use generic names 4. When reviewing particular drugs note category, indications, common side effects, toxicity signs (if applicable) Topics to review: 1. Lithium therapy (blood testing, therapeutic levels, toxicity levels, side effects, toxic effects) a. Blood level drug testing should occur early in therapy every 2-3 days, until a therapeutic dose has been established, then long term for every 3 to 6 months while using the drug. b. Therapeutic Level= 0.8-1.4 c. Toxic Level= Greater than 1.5 d. SE at therapeutic level: GI effects, tremors, polyuria, renal toxicity, goiter, hypothyroidism, teratogenesis. e. Toxic SE: will be much worse and possibly life threatening i.e. tremor that becomes larger with muscle incoordination. 2. BPD patients on Lithium and adjunct meds for mania/depression a. The bipolar patient will have periods of mania, depression, and psychosis, and will need a mood stabilizer lithium to control their mood, an antidepressant (SSRI), and an antipsychotic (2nd gen-olanzapine, risperidone) to control the psychosis. [Show More]

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