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Skin, Hair, and Nails Completed Shadow Health Subjective

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Reports swelling has improved Reports wound warmth has improved Reports wound discharge has improved Reports wound is still a little red Asked history of slow healing wounds Denies history of slow... healing wounds Asked current wound healing time Reports wound had been getting worse over the past week Reports wound has improved with hospital treatment Asked about history of skin conditions Reports acne Reports dry skin Denies skin cancer Denies skin rashes Denies sores other than foot wound Reports skin has only itched due to cat exposure Denies bruising Followed up on skin dryness Reports arms and legs get dry Reports using lotion Followed up on acne Reports having acne since middle school Reports current acne Reports acne had been dormant but got worse recently Asked about acne treatment Reports last seeing a doctor for acne in high school Reports doctor prescribed antibiotics for acne Reports antibiotic for acne was tetracycline Reports antibiotics were ineffective Reports only current treatment is washing her face Reports washing her face every night [Show More]

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