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Asked about headache patterns Reports headaches have been occurring for six months Reports headaches occur a few times per month Reports headaches last a few hours Asked about headache triggers R... eports headaches occur only when reading or studying Asked about headache character Reports headaches are not severe Reports headaches feel the same on both sides of the head Reports headaches are tight Reports headaches are throbbing Asked headache treatment Reports treating headaches with acetaminophen (Tylenol) Reports taking regular strength acetaminophen medication Reports taking two pills at a time Review of Systems Asked about dizziness Denies dizziness Asked about speech Denies difficulty speaking Asked about swallowing Denies difficulty swallowing Asked about fainting Denies fainting Asked about muscle function Denies weakness Denies tremors Denies problems with balance Denies problems with coordination Asked about memory loss Denies memory loss Asked about behavior changes Denies recent changes in behavior Denies recent changes in mood [Show More]

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