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PN Hesi Exit V3 Questions And Answers LATEST SOLUTIONS 2021 GRADED A latest for 2021/2022

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1) The LPN/LVN receives the client's next scheduled bag of TPN labeled with the additive NPH insulin. Which action should the nurse implement? A.Hang the solution at the current rate. B.Refrigerate th... e solution until needed. C.Prepare the solution with new tubing. D.Return the solution to the pharmacy. Correct Answer: D Return the solution to the pharmacy. 2) A male client has just undergone a laryngectomy and has a cuffed tracheostomy tube in place. When initiating bolus tube feedings postoperatively, when should the nurse inflate the cuff? A.Immediately after feeding B.Just prior to tube feeding C.Continuous inflation is required D.Inflation is not required Correct Answer: B Just prior to tube feeding 3) A client on telemetry has a pattern of uncontrolled atrial fibrillation with a rapid ventricular response. Based on this finding, the nurse anticipates assisting the physician with which treatment? A.Administer lidocaine,75 mg intravenous push. B.Perform synchronized cardioversion. C.Defibrillate the client as soon as possible. D.Administer atropine, 0.4 mg intravenous push. Correct Answer: B Perform synchronized cardioversion. 4) A 63-year-old client with type 2 diabetes mellitus is admitted for treatment of an ulcer on the heel of the left foot that has not healed with wound care. The nurse observes that the entire left foot is darker in color than the right foot. Which additional symptom should the nurse expect to find? A. Pedal pulses will be weak or absent in the left foot. B. The client will state that the left foot is usually warm. C. Flexion and extension of the left foot will be limited. D.Capillary refill of the client's left toes will be brisk. Correct Answer: A Pedal pulses will be weak or absent in the left foot. 5) A client with cirrhosis develops increasing pedal edema and ascites. Which dietary modification is most important for the nurse to teach this client? A.Avoid high-carbohydrate foods. B.Decrease intake of fat-soluble vitamins. C.Decrease caloric intake. D.Restrict salt and fluid intake. Correct Answer: D Restrict salt and fluid intake. 6) During report, the nurse learns that a client with tumor lysis syndrome is receiving an IV infusion containing insulin. Which assessment should the nurse complete first? A. Review the client's history for diabetes mellitus. B. Observe the extremity distal to the IV site. C. Monitor the client's serum potassium and blood glucose levels. D.Evaluate the client's oxygen saturation and breath sounds. Correct Answer: C Monitor the client's serum potassium and blood glucose levels. 7) A resident in a long-term care facility is diagnosed with hepatitis B. Which intervention should the nurse implement with the staff caring for this client? A.Determine if all employees have had the hepatitis B vaccine series. B.Explain that this type of hepatitis can be transmitted when feeding the client. C.Assure the employees that they cannot contract hepatitis B when providing direct care. D.Tell the employees that wearing gloves and a gown are required when providing care. [Show More]

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